Dana Lee Easy Shirts

There’s nothing easy about getting dressed in the morning. It’s a chore for me. And though Dana Lee’s baseball jersey-inspired Easy Shirts make a strong case for the opposite, with their soft cotton body, relaxed fit and durable corozo nut buttons, they won’t cure my daily hell of coming to terms with the fact that I can’t wear everything at once. Which is only going to get worse when I get my hands on all four colors for $99 a pop (down from $165). SERENITY NOW!




For price and purchase info, visit Dana Lee.

  • camp6ell

    cheaper alternatives available here…


    • Yo Chi

      Yeah, these shirts look kind of like scrubs and they’re personally not my thing, but listing a link to a bunch of stuff that was made in who knows where under who knows what conditions kind of misses the point of this website. You know, that whole “everything featured here is ethically made, etc.” thing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save a buck, but there are a bunch of other blogs out there focused purely on discounts.

      • Ru Seri

        The joke went over your pea sized head

        • alexei

          dude missed the joke but people do post links to cheap crap here all the time

          • Yuri Stubid

            Cant wait till you sheeps believe in the Kaiser Permanente X Pointer denim scrubs for BEAMS +

  • tomobedlam

    My thoughts exactly.

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