Public School Textured Pullover

Listen guys, we need to have a talk. It’s time for you to get out of this “fashion” vs. “style” rut. You have to stop trying to fit everything into a particular niche, and just wear cool shit. Like this Public School Textured Pullover. It’s made in NYC from a cotton / elastane blend, and has a great textured weave with nice bit of stretch. A perfect replacement for that raggedy black crewneck you have now. Oh, and the cost? On sale for $136 at Machus. How’s that for “fashion?”




For price and purchase info, visit Machus.

  • Watcho

    Uh…Nick, have you been drinking? Because this is some whack Star Trek nonsense. Also: shiny jeans.

    • Nick Grant

      Yes, I have been drinking but in no way has it clouded my judgment on liking and writing about this piece. Are you afraid of change? Differentiation from the norm, maybe?

      Also: yes, those are shiny jeans.

      • Watcho

        I’m trying to see it your way, my man, because WS has mostly impeccable tastes. I can’t get past the ‘Kohls-sewn-in-undershirt’ vibe of this piece. But hey, have another shot, on me.