Anonymous Ism Loafer Socks

I’m gonna take it to the next level, and cop some ridiculously gnarly socks that people won’t even know I’m wearing. These loafer cut Anonymous Ism Socks are made in Japan and have a beautiful marled knit that no one will ever get to appreciate. Unless I rock them with some Birkenstock Bostons, which would be equally as next level. Buy some from East Dane for $18, and don’t show anyone how much style you really have.




For price and purchase info, visit East Dane.

  • Wittyfunnynamehere

    I need a legit review on various brands of loafer socks. I bought some from MS&CO and they were not tight, literally. They kept sliding off. I love the idea of them, I’m just not sold on quality assurance. Maybe you guys could run a piece on it….

    • ckapolas

      Calvin Klein makes some nice ones. Super low cut (I’ve found that MS&CO and many others are still decently visible when you wear actual loafers) and they stay on without issue.