Tellason Crew Fleece Sweatshirt

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I don’t really know how ounces are measured when it comes to clothing. I just know that anything over 15 oz. is pretty damn thick. So, since this San Francisco-made Tellason Crew Sweatshirt is 26 oz. of heavy cotton fleece, that’s like, practically a duvet cover, right? A damned stylish duvet cover. Skip the jacket this spring and get this Chewbacca fur for $119 (with code BYEBYEWINTER) at Centennial Trading Co.


For price and purchase info, visit Centennial Trading Co.

  • AdamHarvey

    Yeah. I’ve got no idea what that ounces jibberjabber means either.

  • SirNuke

    It’s weight of the material per square yard, if I remember correctly. They are probably combining the weight of the outer layer and lining, which isn’t quite How That Works.

    Also does the font selection since the site redesign make posts hard to read for anyone else? Chrome/Win7 64-bit, fyi

    • Well Spent

      Hey @SirNuke, any possibility you could take a screenshot of the issue and email it to brad[at]

    • Joe

      Yeah, the font of the posts is a little wonky for me too.

      • Well Spent

        @disqus_0ELK8n6aUw:disqus can you send a screen shot to We’re still working out some bugs. Thanks!

  • Hans_II

    Chewbacca fur? Aww yeah.

  • Chris

    It’s based on the weight of a 36 in x 22 in piece of cotton.

    No. 1 (18 oz): hammocks, cots, sandbags
    No. 2 (17 oz): hatch paulins
    No. 3 (16 oz): heavy-duty bags
    No. 4 (15 oz): sea bags
    No. 5 (14 oz): heavy work clothes
    No. 6 (13 oz): large boat covers, heavy work clothes
    No. 8 (11 oz): work clothes, clothes bags
    No. 10 (9 oz): work clothes, shower curtains
    No. 12 (7 oz): light clothes

  • chris

    Yes, dont use a fancy font. ‘keep it simple stupid”, the font you’re using is better in larger text size

    • Well Spent

      Chris, what computer / OS / browser are you using? Can you email be a screenshot?

      • chris

        You’re using a font with Serif ( the font with a flourish on the ends ) looks pretty to you but might be harder to read for others

        • Well Spent

          Again, what system are you using? On my end (macbook / osx / chrome) the font looks very basic. No flourishes.

          • chris

            Older MacBook with Ox 10 or something . It might be a default or something, best thing is to go with a good standard text that all systems will use the same .