The Friday Find: Ohio Knitting Mills End of Season Sale

I’m having kind of a hard time getting excited about the End of Season Sale currently underway at Ohio Knitting Mills. Sure, the sweaters are expertly crafted by one of the oldest still-operating factories in the country. And 50% off site-wide is a hell of a deal. It’s just that, still needing a sweater this far into March, it’s such a bummer. Oh well, if we have to suffer through more winter, we might as well do it with some great looking – and well-priced – sweaters on our backs.






For price and purchase info, visit Ohio Knitting Mills.

  • BTR

    Made the mistake of ordering one of the shawl sweaters. Whoops! Poor quality. Length is too short and a little too wide, coarse wool, and yet it still feels a little insubstantial — like it won’t last. The list price is simply ridiculous. Going back immediately.