Outlier Slim Dungarees

A pair of pants to end all pants. That’s what you’ll get with these Slim Dungarees from Outlier. Cut from hi-tech, made-by-mad-scientists doubleweave canvas, the Slim Dungaree is your classic 5-pocket pant made 10x more durable and comfortable. Basically, they’re what Outlier does best in a nutshell. Cut is nice, colors are dope – you’ll be hard pressed to find a smarter pair of pants for under 2 bills.





For price and purchase info, visit Outlier.

  • CelliniEVO

    wanted a pair of these for awhile now! Any idea if Outlier ever runs sales?

    • http://www.well-spent.com/ Well Spent

      Once or twice a year, they’ll do an in-person sample sale at their Brooklyn studio. I’ve never seen them do an online sale.