ISAORA 3L Tactical Shell

When I was 7, I went to two karate classes. But then I quit, because I was god awful (and because my parents told me it was a waste of their money, due to my god-awfulness). Anyway, what I lack in ninja skills, I can more than make up for in tech-ninja style with this ISAORA 3L Tactical Shell. The laser-cut, Japanese nylon shell and drop back hem give it yellow-belt status. But it’s the 6% kevlar that really makes it a killer. That means there’s a 6% chance of me deflecting a bullet, and a 94% chance of me catching it in my teeth and then throwing it directly between your eyes. Oh, and did I mention that it’s half-off? ‘Cause it’s got that going for it too.




For price and purchase info, visit ISAORA.