Filson Scout Work Jacket

Here’s to Filson, forever makers of good shit. Like this Scout Work Jacket. It’s a handsome, fully-lined piece with a ton of functional pockets. The 11 oz. dry tin cloth is easy to care for but super durable. And, it’s made in the U.S. and comes in that new slim Seattle Fit everyone’s going so crazy about. Also helps that it’s whoa on sale right now too.

For price and purchase info, visit Filson.

  • Cardo Lianez

    I’d like to see more people actually wearing these in the field.

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  • CelliniEVO

    Any fit pics anywhere online? How’s the sizing? I’m a medium in gitman vintage…don’t know if I should order small or medium?

    • Well Spent

      These are the only fit pics I can find:

      I’m also a medium in Gitman Vintage, and I’m a small in Engineered Garments. I have one Seattle Fit piece, the Short Lined Cruiser (, and I have it in a small. I tried on the medium too, but it was too large in the shoulders.

      Hope that helps!

      • CelliniEVO

        Thanks man. Really appreciate that! Ordered the small and am pumped for its arrival.
        Long time reader of your blog, and truly love it! Keep up the good work!

        • Well Spent

          I hope it works out for you. Thanks for the kind words!

          • CelliniEVO

            Small was way too tight, but the jacket is unreal! Luckily was able to locate a Medium at the outlet.

          • Well Spent

            Glad to hear it. That’s interesting that the small was too small. Kind of seems like the Seattle Fit is a little all over the place…