Grenson Sid Longwing Brogue Shoes

Attention dudes with small feet, and dudes with big feet (medium feet people, sorry, but you’re out of luck). These Sid Longwing Brogues from Grenson are currently on sale at a killer price, but there are only a few sizes left, so you’re going to have to act fast if you want to snag a pair. This is some serious UK-made quality for not a lot of money, so click on over to see if you’ve got lucky feet.

For price and purchase info, visit Triads.

  • SirNuke

    I was under the impression that most of Grenson’s line were actually made in India at somewhat middling quality – something Grenson dances around. It looks like this pair has ‘England’ stamped at the bottom, and like mine, lacks the magical ‘Made in England’ phrase.

    I mean, that’s still a great deal, but I’m definitely underwhelmed with how my 2010-ish Grenson dress shoes have aged. More so when put side by side with Allen Edmonds of similar age and similar care.

  • Anon

    If you like Grenson shoes, you can find some on sale at eastdane, endclothing and mrporter, but quite honestly one of the best sales is on Grenson’s own site at right now.