Gustin Waxed Trucker Jacket

This Waxed Trucker Jacket from Gustin is a chin-scratcher. It’s made in the USA. The cut is nice. The brown waxed cotton looks ace. Pocket detailing is legit. Happy with the stitch work. But what is up with that affordable price!? You get all that for sub-$200? The fuck have I been doing this whole time then? Then again, I suppose that’ll happen when you ingeniously crowdsource your designs. Good job, guys. Looks great, I’ll take one in Medium.

For price and purchase info, visit Gustin.

  • Tristan

    Annnnnd it’s not available. That sucks.

  • skim

    It must have just closed.

  • Stephen Powell

    Hey! I’m one of the founders of Gustin. We’ll be re-releasing our sold out trucker in an hour or two. Thanks!

  • Chris

    At this point I see almost no reason to get my essentials through anyone but Mauro and the Wolf vs Goat loyalty program, and/or Gustin. These two brands are absolutely killing it for those of us with a little less financial freedom. Between the two, everything I need gets made, and the final product feels so much more personal. Not sure I need one of these waxed truckers, but I don’t think I can pass one up either.

  • Craig

    It looks like the re-release is in a different color (olive) Stephen, will you be doing another run in the brown?

  • Stephen Powell

    @Craig – we’ll continue to rotate through fabrics like we do with our denim. The mill is out of that original brown now, but it’ll come back at some point.

  • Matt

    I am a tall guy, so something this short doesn’t work for me, but if you make something like this with a hip length cut I’ll buy several. Just awesome work Stephen & Josh!

  • Adam

    Hey Stephen – olive looks awesome. If I usually wear a size 44 suit jacket, would you recommend I order an “L” or an “XL?”

  • Ray

    Check back on the site. They are funding a 2nd run of the brown. They also released an olive colored jacket (not sure of its current availability).