Epaulet EPLA Heavyweight Denim Engineer Shirt

I went outside today and one of my nipples literally snapped off. It’s that fucking cold. You gotta protect your nips, man. They’re important – I think? Anyway, Epaulet’s Heavyweight Denim Engineer Shirt is made out of sturdy 9 oz. Japanese denim, making it the perfect 2nd or 3rd layer. Plus, it’s got all the fixins like tonal stitching, a chain-stitched placket and deep sexy indigo color. Your nips will be safe and stylish – call them Nips Wooster. Pick up this LA-made beaut for $140 at Epaulet.

For price and purchase info, visit Epaulet.

  • Cory

    Nice. And the sturdy construction will help keep the shirt together as I laugh out loud at your posts, Nick. One thought: Perhaps you should look into some anti-chafe balm. :-)