Burgus Plus Tight Straight Corduroy Pants

Burgus Plus is one of those Japanese repro brands that make irrelevant things relevant again. Like these Tight Straight Corduroy Pants. When was the last time you wore cords? I don’t even remember, but I could see myself giving these a go. They’re made in Japan, they’ve got steel hardware, and that tight straight fit is spot-on. Plus, they get extra points because Burgus reminds me of burgers, and I like burgers.

For price and purchase info, visit Hickoree’s.

  • Cory

    “When was the last time you wore cords?”
    For me, they are my go-to pants in the fall/winter. I have at least 5 pair — tan, black, navy, brown, and gray.

  • http://www.well-spent.com Michael N.

    Damn @Cory, share the wealth. Nice.

  • http://www.otcpdx.com Alex Fernandez

    Completely agree on cords for the winter! Always good to have a pair to cut out the cold.

  • Cory

    @ Michael: Ha! Too funny. When is your birthday? :-)