Baldwin Denim Wool Ryan Trousers

Finding a decent fitting pair of pants can be hard enough. Finding ones that are also solidly made, warm enough for winter’s worst, and affordable – well, normally that’d be pretty much impossible. But, now you can pick-up a pair of these Wool Ryan Trousers from Baldwin Denim for a whopping 60% off at Stag. They’re made in the USA from Japanese tweed, they’ve got a great, trim fit, and they’re currently priced at just under $150. Get ‘em before they’re gone.

For price and purchase info, visit Stag.

  • Cole

    I looked for these trousers because they are beautiful and they did not exist on the website anywhere.

  • Cole

    oops clicked the wrong link….nevermind

  • Fizzm

    These would be perfect for the cold-ass weather we’re having around the country right now!