The Friday Find: Bexar Goods Porter Slim Satchel Giveaway

It’s our last giveaway of the year, and boy is it a doozy. We’re partnering up with Texas’ Bexar Goods Co. to giveaway one of their gorgeous Porter Slim Satchels. A cross between a messenger, backpack and briefcase, the Porter is handcrafted out of vegetable-tanned, 10 oz. English bridle leather from one of the oldest tanneries in the USA, and features solid brass hardware and copper rivets. This is easily the nicest thing we’ve ever given away, if not the nicest thing we’ve ever posted on the site, and we can’t thank Bexar enough for so generously offering one up. Leave a comment below to enter. Contest ends next Friday (12/20). Good luck!

For price and purchase info, visit Bexar Goods.

  • mike c

    Great Bag

  • Scott Louie

    This is insanely gorgeous

  • Adisalsyahputra

    I would love to win this briefcase. I can imagine how this can complement my work attire and plus, I bet that this bag will last me many years, hopefully long enough to pass it down to the next generation!

  • RT

    She’s a beaut. Never entered one of these contests before but this seemed worth it. These sorts of satchels remind me of the ones my dad used to have, the beat-up ones he kept stashed in the garage from his college days.

  • Grant Smith

    I recently restored a vintage school bag for a friend that looks very similar to this. Great classic design. I’d love to own this one!

  • Dali

    very nice

  • Jason Boissiere

    That is a lovely bag. Could definitely find room for that.

  • Hugh O’Donnell

    Love the brass hardware. Classic design. Beautiful.

  • Adam Havel

    Wow, this is awesome. Bring it on!

  • Christian Cieslinski

    This is a beautiful bag from Bexar Good Co. It reminds me of a true heritage satchel . Winning this would be the best thing ever !

  • Jeremy

    Beautiful bag!

  • Christopher Chang

    Here’s to hoping, that bag looks amazing!

  • Norm

    Awesome looking bag!

  • Eric

    That is one amazing bag.

  • Joe

    Thanks Well Spent and Bexar!

  • Warland

    Bag me!

  • Steve

    Great looking bag

  • Matt

    ‘Twould be a Christmas miracle if I won this bag.

  • John


  • Josh

    Very nice.

  • andrew


  • Ibrahim

    Just what I NEED in my life rightnow!! Thanks in advance Wellspent & Bexar Goods Co

  • john

    what a beautiful bag. want.

  • Alex Rogers

    That’s a nice satchel.

  • Matt


  • Marc

    So hard to find a good everyday bag. This looks promising!

  • Corey Konsulis

    This bag is Steve McQueen personified: effortlessly cool and unmistakably reliable.

  • Chris

    Great-looking bag!

  • Will

    I want this bag.

  • Marco M


  • Joe Brown

    That is one lovely piece of time-tested hardware.
    Count me in.

  • Luke Schmalz

    That is such an amazing bag, I really want one.

  • Steven Bremer

    This would be great for work

  • Wes


  • Adam Harvey

    Love the classic design. Definitely an heirloom item.

  • W. Bowman

    Man, that is one ruggedly handsome bag!

  • Ethan Herman

    I can picture Indiana Jones using that satchel.

  • Ariel

    nice bag!
    need it

  • Angela A

    Beautiful bag! I’d love to use this daily! :)

  • Joshua Daggett

    classically simple, perfect bag

  • Angela A

    I’d love to win this bag. It’s gorgeous!

  • Chris Arevalo

    Love, love, love this bag and their products! Someone is gonna be one lucky person!

  • Contrasted

    Pretty nice. A good mixture that can be used formally or for a adventure.

  • Aaron Stoermann

    Awesome bag. Looks like one my grandpa used to own.

  • Sanjay Nasta


  • Casey Mizell

    Wow. Stunning bag, like for an English professor who needs to carry books deep into mountain passes.

  • Max

    Your kids will fight over it when you die.

  • Nelson

    Fantastic bag

  • Sean

    Looks beautiful, refined and rugged all at the sametime.

    Very Nice.

  • Dan


  • Karl


  • Andrew T

    Would love one of these bags.

  • David

    Wow. This is indeed an ace giveaway.

    Beautiful bag, love the simplistic design.

    Fingers well and truly crossed…

  • Gerald

    great looking bag!

  • Yo Chi

    Sweet bag!

  • Matthew

    We named the dog Indiana

  • dxr


  • Sean

    This is awesome!

  • Devan Prithipaul

    really nice! love the leather.

  • Fook Thye Wong

    Absolutely beautiful bag, would make a great Christmas present haha

  • Zae

    looks great

  • Tom


  • Yu Ping

    It looks very hardy and the leather is gorgeous.

  • Caleb

    yes, please. this bag is gorgeous…

  • Mike

    Absolutely beautiful bag that you’ve posted there!

  • Phil


  • Craig

    Dear Santa, Please help me win this bag. I need it! I want it! I will be a good boy for the whole rest of the year!

  • Mickey

    Great looking bag.

  • Jason

    The guys over at Bexar Goods rock! Timeless pieces that will last a lifetime.

  • Meyatt

    Someone’s going to be very lucky.

  • Scott

    This bag looks really versatile. I do a lot of traveling and outdoor adventuring and this bag would be perfect fit for anyone who is on the go and wants a rough and tumble type of bag!

  • David

    Good luck, everyone!

  • Andrew T.

    I have been looking for the right bag for a while now, but everything so far has been just a little off, but now I have found my new bag.

  • Robert Weiss

    Very handsome!

  • Sanders

    This looks so great. Definitely would love to have one.

  • MH

    What a handsome bag.

  • elegant slim

    whoa nice bag

  • Katharina

    I really like the design :)

  • Rosha

    my husband would love this bag for work. great contest. thank you!

  • Kevin Skenandore

    Oh man, I want this so bad!

  • frowsey

    Very nice! Sign me up.

  • Belinda

    Could I be so lucky????

  • Ronnie Webb

    Gorgeous! I’m a huge Bexar Goods fan. Hopefully I’ll own a Porter or Porter Slim one day. Speaking of “Porter Slim”, that would be my moniker if I were a country singer. =) Happy Holidays! Good luck everyone!

  • Chris Williams

    Love this bag! Good luck all!

  • Kyle

    Wowwww want.

  • Ikmal Sabri

    I really hope can be the winner of this giveaway because I will be the happiest person in this world :) please pick me

  • Shawnee


  • Carol Christopherson

    Our 18 year son has been drooling over this bag for years. Hope we win, it would be an awesome graduation present!

  • Ronnie Webb

    I am a HUGE Bexar fan. I love my tote and will hopefully one day have this amazing Porter Slim (which by the way would be my moniker if I were a country singer) Happy Holidays everyone! Good Luck!!!

  • Rachel


  • Ronnie Webb

    Oops! Double post! Sorry !!!!

  • kellen owenby

    That bag is amazing!

  • Hey19

    Count me in.

  • Erik Sjolie

    Great looking bag. Merry Christmas to everyone

  • Neil Armstrong

    I would have brought this to the moon if I had had it then…

  • Zach


  • John

    Thanks for sharing the bag with one of us. Looks great!

  • Seth

    Beautiful. Do I have to wear the indy jones hat to complete the look if I win?

  • Danielle Morales

    I’d love to win this Slim Porter!! It would totally make my year!!

  • rayraycartucci

    This is amazing! My husband has some health issues that require him to carry tons of meds….this would be sooo much better then that ole backpack from high school. Terrific

  • Brad Ferguson

    That’s a great looking bag.

  • Brad

    Wow great giveaway. Amazing looking bag.

  • Ryan Lafferty

    Man, this would make me the coolest kid in school.

  • Adam

    looks amazing, hope I get it.

  • Stacey Robinmsith

    Count me in and let me win this beautiful piece of leather.

  • Abe

    Such a cool bag

  • Jorge Briones

    I would love to own one of these!!!

  • Mike S

    What a beautiful bag. Fingers crossed!

  • Dan

    Good luck to all who entered!

  • Matt

    That is one heck of a looker!

  • Chan

    Awesome bag. Would love to win it.

  • Alexander S

    Beautiful leather

  • Broc

    Wow! That is incredible! Bexar’s stuff looks fantastic, what a great opportunity.

  • Om Shankar

    would literally give my first born for this bag

    really want it to keep all of my music peripherals in while we are touring!

  • Sam

    Sweet bag

  • Bo

    Sheeesh, I found my current camera bag in an antique store for $10. This would fit infinitely better with the field camera I hope to get myself for Christmas :)

  • Kyle

    Great looking bag!

  • Lauren

    Here’s hoping… would love to use for work.

  • Adam Johnso

    Iv been drewling over this bag for months on end. It is a peace of art. Not just a bag

  • rgechols

    Amazing bag, made right down the road from me!

  • Andrew

    Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  • Eli

    A bag that carries me thigh-deep across a mountain stream? Count me in.

  • Enrique

    I want that fucking bag!!!

  • James

    Would love to commute with that bag!

  • Tristan

    fingers crossed!

  • Attia

    Fingers and toes crossed!

  • MC

    That bag looks incredible.

  • Brad

    Well, here’s to hoping I have this bag for a cross-country adventure!

  • Anthonyq

    that is a beautiful bag

  • Philip

    Gosh darn, do I want that bag.

  • Ashley

    This would be an amazing gift for my hard working, first time daddy to be, wonderful hubby!

  • Andrew Wilson

    That’s the kind of craftsmanship I love to see. Simple, rugged, classic, indestructible, and will wear with you as you grow old and die.

  • Angelo

    Gorgeous bag!

  • Ryan

    Entering the contest. Thank you.

  • Anu

    I like bags with easily removed straps. Make the bag highly functional. Would be great for both business and traveling.

  • Will W

    Rugged and handsome!

  • Ross

    This will look awesome with me when I move to seattle in january!

  • Chris Jagger

    I’d never have to worry about my hairline again if I were carrying this bag.

  • Hannah

    Snazzy bag! This would look great on my husband back/arm-he’s a snazzy guy.

  • Smith Won

    I would love to win this bag for my brother!

  • SebTel

    Speaking as an Indian Jones impersonator with a man-bag fetish, I haven’t been so aroused since I found the crystal skull!

  • Lee

    Absolutely gorgeous bag.

  • Victor Hudson

    That is an awesome looking bag!

  • Collin

    Beautiful looking bag. Thanks for the contest, CB!

  • Jesse

    I would have no problem packing a ham sandwich in there, hot dog!

  • Peter

    Great looking bag

  • Danny C

    This is the kind of bag where you go on a vacation just to sport it.

  • Jonathan

    Could put a lot of things in there. Sweet bag!

  • Owen

    Shiny as a new dime.

  • Jordan

    Gravy. Great pickup.

  • Steven

    This is a wonderful product, and I would enjoy putting it to good use.


  • Nick

    cool bag

  • http://- Guillaume Girard

    Wow. Awesome bag. Makes me wanna take it out for some drinks and convince it to sleep with me.

  • Sonny

    Whoever wins this thing is definitely having some happy holidays!

  • Kelly

    Cool beans

  • Adam

    This would definitely be a huge improvement on my current briefcase!

  • Nicholas

    This is indeed a beautiful bag. Beautifully crafted.

  • Steven

    Looks great!

  • Diana Parra

    My baby daddy has been ogling this satchel for a while. Help me give him his fantasy! He would love a safe place for his treasures while we hop around intentional communities!

  • Diana Parra

    This is an absolutely gorgeous satchel!! My man would love this!!

  • Kyle

    Hey-yo! Sweet bag!

  • Jenna C.

    Awesome bag!

  • Jacob

    Looks like a fantastic bag.

  • matt phillips

    good looking bag

  • Victor

    Gorgeous one!

  • joe


  • Jack H

    This is awesome!

  • Joe

    Great looking bag

  • Josh Baugh

    I’ve got this bag’s big brother, the Porter. I’m quite confident that my grandkids will be able to carry it. For context, my oldest daughter is almost six, so we’re talking a loooooong ways out. These bags are impeccably well-made by some of the nicest, coolest people you’ll ever meet. Here’s to hoping I can add the Porter Slim to my Bexar Goods collection!

  • Ben

    Looks amazing!!!

  • cayeux


  • Aaron W

    Awesome Bag, looks like something you could hand down to your kids one day!

  • RRC

    Unreal bag, can’t believe you’re giving it away.

  • Travis

    Very nice, very nice.

  • Michael

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Spencer

    Wow, that’s pretty nice.

  • David McLain

    I want this sack! Hoohaaaa…

  • Theresa

    Beautiful bag! Would love to have it. :)

  • Drew

    Beautiful bag!!!

  • Jordan

    I have been wanting one of these bags for a long time. Been a huge admirer of Bexar goods products. All of the craftsmanship and sticking to tradition and heritage makes for some amazing stuff.

  • Kevin C. Smith

    It’s genius. A messenger bag that also sits squarely on your back. Perfect for riding a bike. And it’s beautiful too.

  • Mark

    Sweet! I’d love to have this guy.

  • maggieh

    Fingers are crossed — would fulfill the hub’s #1 christmas request.

  • Ernest

    Nice and sturdy bag!

  • boon teng

    Stop drooling over my bag already!!! It’s MINEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • Rick

    Would love this bag.

    But I never win contest. :(

  • Thom

    Jeez, that’s a beauty

  • Adam

    Very very nice

  • Panhandle Slim

    Sweet gear

  • Adrian

    I’d love one!

  • Taylor Hain

    That is a right lovely bag!

  • Ignat

    Amazing looking bag!

  • John

    Love this bag!

  • raf

    Oh lala.:)

  • Lauren

    So beautiful. I would love to gift this to my husband for everything he has done for us this year!

  • Souperslothman

    Looks amazing

  • Ben

    that bag is beautiful!

  • Joe Tatum

    I want that satchel please

  • Greg L

    This bag looks exquisite. Yes, please!!

  • Alex Rubio

    I can’t get enough of this handsome bag the only thing to make it better is seeing my man sportn’ it!

  • Alex Rubio

    I can’t get enough of this handsome bag the only thing to make it better is seeing my man sportin’ it!

  • david

    Hi Brad.

  • Jake


  • Kaolin

    Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is this free Porter Slim.

  • Michael

    Fantastic looking bag. Here’s to hoping.

  • David

    that bag looks stronger than vulcanized rubber…i would go white water rafting with that thing

  • Dennis Pacheco

    Sweet! I’ve been looking at these for quite a while. I just can’t decide between the Porter and the new Hudson.

  • claudia meier

    Gotta have this gorgeous bag!!

  • Mark

    That’s very nice.

  • Wes

    Awesome sauce

  • Elizabeth Meier

    It took my breath away. Now what was I saying…..oh yeah…MINE MINE MINE!!!

  • Tony

    This bag is fantastic! Thus, the “to buy” list extends another item.

  • Jason

    Good looking bag. I would love to have one.

  • Lee


  • Brane

    I would lick this bag.

  • Dan

    Hello, Satchel.

  • David

    Have been looking for something like this for a long time – looks like a great bag!

  • Jeff

    That’s a nice bag. Sure hope I win.

  • L. I. Acuña

    Say whaaaaa?! Hot diggity-dang I want this Porter Slim! It’s smokin’ hot and would totally hold all my archaeological shiz-nat and more importantly beer. And a lean bottle of bourbon. Or maybe a whole handle of bourbon. I’d like to find out. Hope I win! Mama needs a brand new bag (James Brown split)!!

  • Will

    This is a gorgeous bag and I’d love to wear it in for many years!

  • Fletcher

    That looks amazing! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • shob

    i want this badly

  • Ken

    Yipppe maybe I could finally retire my beat out filson briefcase..

  • Bryan

    Those things are nice and even better, I live in Bexar county!

  • Luke Rosen

    What an absolutely gorgeous bag. If only I was so lucky…

  • andy

    beautiful bag. kudos to whomever wins this thing.

  • Rick

    Wow! What a Christmas gift that would be … bring it on!

  • Josh

    Fantastic stuff. Really great looking bag.

  • Devin

    I’ve always wanted an awesome bag to keep awesome things in, and three bags in one? Too good!

  • Rainier

    Very nice, very classy, very functional bag. Would definitely put it to good use, and have the utmost gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation if won. Thank you kindly for the opportunity.

  • JD

    It wasn’t so much the things, as we did em.

  • http://- Karine Gonthier-Hyndman

    This bag is really swell. I’d love to give it to my boyfriend for x-mas!

  • Sky

    Come on lucky number 233. Nice bag…

  • Bryan


  • Andrew L.

    This bag looks like it’ll last a lifetime. Good luck to all in the contest.

  • Matthijs

    What a great bag! I’m in!

  • David

    would be a nice Christmas gift*

    *to me

  • Andrew

    May the force be with me

  • Michael

    Great looking bag….will last a lifetime

  • RS


  • Mighty_Moses


  • Monetta

    Is it OK if a lady wins?

  • Alex

    *channel the cow*
    Great materials,
    Skilled craftsmen,
    Grand product

  • Elmer


  • Joel

    Couldn’t not throw my hat into the ring. Lovely bag. TX represent.

  • tyler

    lemme get it

  • Matt Entin

    Beautiful bag. I think I want one. Really, really want one.

  • Tommy Cary

    Beautiful bag

  • Nate

    Wow, this is really stunning. It seems great for biking.

  • Yun Y

    Awesome bag!

  • Forrest MacDonald

    Beautiful. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • Angel

    ummmmmmm… this is a beauty. pick me, pick me!!!

  • John C

    Prettay prettay sweet.

  • Howard

    What a great looking bag.

  • Alex Fernandez

    Wow! What a gorgeous bag! Very cool of you to do this giveaway.

  • Aaron

    Comment left. Now hopefully I win the bag.

  • Jason

    Definitely a quality product. I like how versatile this bag is!

  • JdubNsub

    What a beauty!

  • Chris Comandao

    If you get this bag from Bexar Goods Co, your money is well-spent because this bag will last many years to come. Amazing construction and simplicity on the design which made it attractive.

  • Adam Y

    Forget the Mega Millions, I want to win this. And if I do win the Lotto, I’m buying one of these.

  • Marc

    Beautifully made, wow.

  • Curt

    Just going to go ahead and comment right here…

  • Ted

    oooooh shiiiz, dis the beesknees.

  • Paul

    Looks pretty nice

  • Taylor S

    I would like to win this bag.

  • Lee

    These bags look great! Hope I win!

  • Tim

    Now I just need to find something that smells of rich mahogany.

  • Katie

    Beautiful bag!!! Generous offer. I would carry it proudly.

  • Rachel

    Such a classic and timeless piece.

  • 33AD

    Great bag / promotion.

  • Jeff Ford

    Awesome Bag! I would wear it proudly!

  • Daniel Me

    nice bag.

  • Rebecca Puls

    I have been drooling over this bag. I would love to win this and surprise my husband with it. :)

  • Leo

    What a bag

  • Shane

    As a student looking for something nice yet professional, this would come in mighty handy.

  • Sarah

    Love the bag. Need it. Pick me.

  • Yeon Joon Hwang

    That’s an awesome bag. Wish I could afford one.

  • Shaun L

    Perfect timing, I was in need of one of these. I wonder what it’s like to win a contest, lol.

  • Danny

    I would very much like to win this bag as I do not have any sort of presentable professional briefcase and could imagine myself using this for the rest of my life and then passing it on.

  • DS

    Great looking bag. Wowzers.

  • Kevin Walker

    Much much better bag than the goat leather one from India that I’m using right now is. Very versatile as well. Excellent give away. Thanks to both parties (Bexar and WS) for making one person extremely happy.

  • Manuel Barretto

    This bag will age with style and character. Would love to own one !

  • ML

    I had a regular Porter a while ago and had to sell it because it was a bit too big for daily carry – this looks perfect. Hit me!

  • john

    Nice bag.

  • omtndlsswrds

    That thing right there…

  • Michael


  • Andrew K

    Incredible bag. Love everything about it.

  • Taylor

    Incredible bag. I can always appreciate some beautiful leather products.

  • Taylor

    Posting! Looks amazing!

  • Adam


  • Michael

    Very nice!

  • jonathan

    my my… what a handsome bag

  • Josephus

    Look: I would love to win this bag. It would help me to be the man that Chuck Norris wants me to be. If the opposite happens, fear not: I will wassail the victor with a glass of fine whisky.

  • Brian


  • Anton

    Hope I win, this bag is so great

  • Mike c

    Dig the unstructured interior. Pockets always seem to be the wrong size for my needs

  • Kyle Cobb

    That bag is gorgeous. Please give it to me. Thank you.

  • Sig Peralta


  • Eli Seitz

    Great Leather!

  • M Fedri

    Love. Fight. Win.

  • RJuall

    Gorgeous bag!

  • Kau

    I want one

  • Phil

    Back up, rewind. Beautiful.

  • G

    Great bag!

  • Eric K

    Great looking bag that will only get better with wear!

  • R

    I wish you all could have one … but this baby is mine!

  • Dr.B

    Fantastic bag, perfect for this professor.

  • ari


  • Foh-shay

    Absolutely gorgeous bag. GORGEOUS!

  • Ellie


  • Gianfranco

    Great site, great bag!

  • Paul J

    Please give me bags now please.

  • http://- Laurent Girard

    That is a beauty. J’adore!

  • Michael

    This is a very nice satchel. It is classy enough to go into an office yet rugged enough to endure the outdoors. I would like to take this on my next tri p home to Chicago.

  • Will

    this bag is the future

  • Dylan

    Damn, that would be amazing.

  • James

    Looks good!

  • Tracey Dexter

    my boyfriend would love this…

  • Tyler Goulding

    this bag is beautiful

  • Ashton

    Gorgeous. Thanks for the chance!

  • D


  • Angela Schenk

    Beautiful! Would love to show off this bag!

  • Michael Berry

    This would make my holiday!

  • Cade clayton

    Want and need!!

  • Juan Jimenez

    I want to win!

  • Jessica

    Handsome bag!

  • Alexandria Wright

    Hoping to have a chance at winning this beautiful bag. I recently graduated with a forensic tech degree. I’m preparing to enter the police academy and this will aid in my professional career for years to come.

  • Dan

    Diggin in!

  • Zachary Jenkens

    Awesome that you can wear it as a backpack. Gorgeous bag


    it’s so nice word’s escape me

  • Jayson A.

    There be some stiff competition!

  • PSJUNG99

    Luck be a lady…

  • Brian

    Looks awesome

  • A

    My Precious!

  • Jeff

    Love the messenger style shape that can be worn like a backpack.

  • mridula

    This is rather splendid isn’t it? thanks for the chance Well Spent and Bexar.

  • Mark

    Made in the USA!

  • David PD.

    Awesome Bag! I’m sure the pictures pale in comparison to the real thing.

  • Jamie

    That thing looks like it will last 1000 years.

  • Evan

    Wouldn’t mind one of these for doing fieldwork!

  • Ken

    Omg yes please

  • Megan Hammond

    Great bag from a great company

  • Rudy Bazan

    Good stuff, thank you Bexar Goods

  • wendy fanjoy

    OMIGOSH! I want that so bad!!! So beautiful!

  • Sean Osmun

    Leroy Robert Paige

  • Andrea Ketchum

    Lovely! This would make a very nice gift for my son.

  • Ashley

    I always love when fashion can meet function perfectly. This bag is also multi purpose which puts it over the top.

  • Kenneth Barshop

    I’ll save lives with this bag

  • Liz

    Beautifully made bag! Someone will be lucky to win this!

  • Najlaa west

    I absolutely love Bexar products and I’d love to win this :-)
    Thank you!

  • Jason B

    Happy Holidays, everyone — and thanks for such a great blog!!

  • Katya

    Such a great company and beautiful bag!

  • Andrew B

    Great products even better people behind the products!

  • Marc


  • David G

    Bexar makes some mighty fine looking products

  • Pmack

    Great product!!

  • Julia v

    Love my own Bexar bag – use it every day – husband needs a bag of his own!!!

  • Gary

    Bexar bags are the best

  • MyoKS

    What a nice bag!!!

  • Matthew M

    It looks incredible. Put me in the draw, please!

  • JB

    Beautiful bag!! Want that!

  • Katie

    Would love to win this bag!

  • Randi

    Great looking, classic bag.
    I would love to give this to my son.

  • Nicole

    Beautiful bag.

  • Leah Greentree

    What a gorgeous bag!!

  • Collin

    It truly is a beautiful bag.

  • Stacey Robinsmuth

    One of the most beautiful leather bags I have ever seen. I would love to have this prize of a bag.

  • Matt Obermeier

    Would love to win one of these and tote it around San Antonio, Bexar County, TX!

  • Campbell Stuart

    Looks fantastic! WANT!

  • nathan lairamore

    No way I could ever win something so cool as this bag!

  • Justin L

    I have no girlfriend
    Or satchel to carry home
    Why is life so cruel?

  • Michele

    What a beautiful bag.

  • Anna L

    I’d be one cool granny with this bag! Crossing fingers along with everyone else to win it!

  • Cara

    If I win this bag I would gift it to my artist/painter Auntie who lives in New Mexico. Love this for her.

  • Bunjumin

    Love me some Bexar Goods. Wish I had more cash laying around to buy their stuff!! This would be so awesome to win!! I would ditch the ole work laptop backpack for sure.

  • Ryan A

    Great bag.

  • Joel


  • Andrew

    Definitely a solid giveaway!

  • Keets


  • Devin

    Man bag.

  • Corinne

    Beautiful bag and exquisite workmanship!

  • Fabian

    Love the design of this bag. Hope to one day be able to own one of these.
    I’m so proud to know that a great company like this represents San Antonio TX so well!

  • Lee

    So. Much. Want.

  • Carolina Cano

    The perfect heirloom.

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    This bag has beautiful handmade qualities that will last a life time.

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    I have been a fan of Bexar Goods but have never had the $ to make an investment in one of their quality bags. This bag would be the cornerstone of my college career. I sure hope I win! Thanks!

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    This bag looks dope!

  • Dude

    Sweet satchel.

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    this gorgeous bag would get lot of patina wearing in quick,. with upcoming trips to India, Guatemala, Mexico, Haiti and Ecuador- it would be my constant companion and a gorgeous keepsake to pass on to my sons.

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    Great bag! Thanks for entering me in your contest.

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    Count me in for this contest!

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    Please pick me!!!!

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    All I was for Christmas is this bag. I have been very nice, most of the time.

    Thank you,

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    Never hurts to try right?

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  • Alex

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  • http://ElDoradoCo Mike oneill

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  • Brad

    What an amazing number of comments. Thanks for entering everyone! According to the random number generator at or winner is Kaolin with comment #204. Congrats Kaolin! Everyone else, I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and we’ll see you in the new year.

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