Muttonhead Johnny Crews

Let’s do a little cost vs. wear math on these $126 Johnny Crews from Muttonhead. Say you wear the Canadian-made, medium-weight loop terry sweat twice a week (on average) for, oh, five years. That’s 520 wears. Which breaks down to $0.24 per wear. At that price, you’re pretty much stealing the damn thing. Only in this case, your punishment is a five year sentence of sweet, sweatshirt-y goodness.

For price and purchase info, visit Muttonhead.

  • Clydicus

    Your ridiculous justification for a $126 plain gray sweatshirt finally pushed me over the edge. Unsubscribing. Haven’t seen anything honest or obtainable out of this blog in months.

  • Nick G.

    Wait…please…don’t go.

    But seriously, how many good crewnecks are under $120? I DARE you to say someone like J. Crew because you probably should unsubscribe if that’s the case.

    Would also love other examples of “dishonest” or “unobtainable” goods. Not everything can be sub-$50, buddy. Whatever the case, you will be sorely missed, I promise.

  • PMN

    Clydicus you’re an asshole.

  • kau

    I don’t understand why someone thinks he is entitle to like everything on this blog. This is Nick’s personal blog and he is not charging you a dime on subscription. There are millions of websites on the web, do you go to each one of them and tell them how their content suck?

  • Evan

    @Nick – the sweatshirts at American Apparel are solid. My oldest from them is a zip-up hoodie that I bought for $40 in 2003, but I got another in a lighter shade in 2006, also still going strong (the zippers and ties are fine on both, no holes, no raggedy edges). I bought a crew neck sweatshirt from them this year, and it cost $20 with a groupon (think the original price was also $40 or so)

    People give AA a lot of shit, but they make a ton of extremely high quality stuff for not-insane prices, especially the online sales and frequent groupon deals.

    For me, and my basic cotton stuff like hoodies, t-shirts, underwear and socks, it’s American Apparel all the way.

  • Tim

    @Nick off the top of me head re: <$120 sweaters

    Best Made Co., American Giant, Flint and Tinder, Taylor Stitch.

  • Greg

    Parton me Clydicus, but then why are you commenting (with such negativity) on a post that you’ve already made your mind up about before you even opened it?

  • Tim

    I think Clydicus’ point is that the argument/justification is a bit weak relative to other options, and that there is or has been more of a focus of desirable items lately rather than items that indicate a high price/value ratio..which is obviously relative.

  • G. Nelson

    I miss the post that had very budgeted minded quality goods. I’ve purchased quite a few such as the Stan Earl pants.

    I guess if you want an old school looking sweatshirt you can go with these.

    However I think that: would definitely be a bang for your buck.

  • Peter Andreasen

    At some point, this site basically turned into pure outlet for advertising. I still check on it from time to time, but the politics, and obvious marketing slant have gotten to me.

  • druff

    What’s wrong with J. Crew sweatshirts?

    (Do I have to unsubscribe now?)

  • PMN

    I really don’t understand the vitriol towards Nick for doing what every other style blog does. Do you guys attack every blog for posting unobtainium type shit? No! So why do it here and why do it to Nick? I’m pretty sure I know why. Nick, brush that dirt off your shoulder.

  • anibal

    muttonhead wins.

  • Peter Andreasen


    The proprietors of this blog have a skewed understanding of economics.

  • Nick G.

    @Peter Andraeson

    I failed econ in college.

    If you can’t understand that 99% of what I write on this site is satire, than you are beyond my help. My rational for any piece RARELY makes sense. Just last week I compared canvas pants to pre-pubescent boners! I mean, c’mon!

    We post pieces we like because, heaven forbid, WE LIKE THEM? I could also post $400-$700 sweatshirts that I like and give two shits whether it was feasible to your budget, but I don’t because I know how silly that is and I love all of you like my children, so I’m trying to put you on to some cool shit that won’t break the bank. I would LOVE for you to find a blog that is the slightest bit comparable that helps you find affordable menswear (most of the time) that actually looks good/will last you. If there is one, you are more than welcome to mosey on over there and leave us to our caviar, big ass yachts and pet ligers.

    TL;DR I’m really sorry if a $120 sweatshirt sets you off in a tantrum on a blog.

  • Brad

    @Peter Andreasen

    Hi Peter,

    My name is Brad, and I’m the editor and founder of Well Spent. When, in your opinion, did the site turn into a “pure outlet for advertising”? I’m honestly curious.

    Yes, we do have ads. However, we also have a very strict vetting process for who we sell our ad space to. If the products on offer from the advertiser can’t be covered on Well Spent (meaning, they aren’t made in first-world / non-sweatshop conditions), then we won’t give them a space. Believe it or not, we turn down between 5 and 10 advertisers every month because their products don’t meet our criteria.

    Are you taking issue with the fact that we have ads at all? This is my full time job. I spend between 50 and 60 hours a week working on this site. The ads are how I support myself, and my family, and I’m not going to apologize for them being on the page. Without the ads, and the income they bring, this site wouldn’t exist.

    That said, just because someone advertisers with us, doesn’t mean we’re automatically going to cover what they’re selling. We post things that we like, and that are manufactured in ways we agree with. Sometimes those items are affordable (see our recently published 50 Under $50 Gift Guide:, and sometimes they’re not. Sometimes those items are sold by our advertisers. And sometimes they’re not. Again, what makes it onto Well Spent comes down to whether it meets our criteria, and that’s it.

    I’m sorry you don’t enjoy the site anymore. But, fortunately for you, there are hundreds of other menswear sites you can read instead.



  • Bryce

    This whole stream of comments is ridiculous especially the first. Who cares if it’s considered expensive this isn’t a bargain blog is it??? What’s expensive anyway, anything over 50$???. I rather enjoyed the sarcastic approach of justifying a Muttonhead fleece! In today’s mass produced market garments are churned out and a end up in a dump within a season. Who wants that? Apparently most people.

    Clothing today is way to cheep both in quality and price. Clothes used to be more expensive yet hand made by local factories piece by piece for the people by the people not a crap quality run of 50,000 at our local old navy. We can spout off idealisms about quality but until you’ve had a Canadian fleece you can’t really make an accurate statement about quality or price point.

    The only accurate statement is people want something for nothing.