Danner Mountain Trail Boots

Santa can’t be messing around on peoples’ roofs in some white slippers. Them shits don’t have any traction, and they won’t keep his feet warm either. He should get himself a pair of these Danner Mountain Trail Boots. The’ve got a leather lining for superior coziness, Danner’s 650 EE last to fit his fat-ass feet, and a Vibram Gumlite outsole, which is light as a feather, but will still keep him from slipping and falling onto the Tahoe in the driveway. And now that they’re almost $100 off at Gentry, good ol’ St. Nick can step up his good ol’ St. style on the cheap.

For price and purchase info, visit Gentry.

  • Donghwa

    Nice Boots!
    Just saying, those boots(of most sizes since the price varies) are cheaper on Amazon.com.

  • Chris

    Can anyone offer up some guidance toward sizing on these? Everywhere I look seems to confirm that they run large, but how large? Not sure if I should size down a half step, full, or not at all.

  • Chris

    I did not read very closely at all, sorry. Disregard my above comment.

  • joe

    these are a wide last but based on my experience with the Mountain Light IIs, go down 1/2 size.

    i’ve written Danner before but wished to hell they’d make this in the normal D width. they are beauts

  • SB

    @Chris I agree that for casual wearing a 1/2 size down in the Mountain Light IIs is indicated, but if you’re going to do serious hiking in your Danners, as I do in mine, I’d suggest staying at your normal size.

  • Cory

    Amazing boots. I just had the opportunity to visit one of their shops. I, too, suggest going down 1/2 size from your normal boot size.