Portland General Store Whiskey Shaving Mug and Puck

To be fair, $42 for a wet shave soap puck and an EU-made enamelware cup is pretty steep. But, if you’ve ever used any of Portland General Store’s products before, you already know they’re a luxury worth splurging on. There’s simply no other all-natural grooming line that works as well, or smells as good. So go on and treat yourself. Or, better yet, treat someone else. Or, best of all, get someone else to treat you.

For price and purchase info, visit Portland General Store.

  • Michael

    I would have loved to, but the $100 shipping on top of the $42 is a little excessive.

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      @Michael I’m pretty sure that’s a glitch in their site. Shoot PGS an email.