Askov Finalyson Explorer Pants

Sometimes, you can’t really get a feel for how great something is just by looking at it on the internet. Fortunately, I actually had the chance to pick up and try on these US-made Askov Finalyson Explorer Pants, and when I did, I seriously contemplated throwing all of my other chinos out. Perfect for winter wear, they’re made from custom-dyed 10.4 oz. Kurabo Mills cotton canvas and have a tailored fit, and reinforced knee and seat, so you won’t have to worry about them ripping when you take a bow for wearing such awesome pants.

For price and purchase info, visit Askov Finalyson.

  • Judson M

    Whoa sticker shock…..

  • CTP

    i don’t like casual pants (meaning, i like jeans or dress trousers), but these look very appealing.

  • G. Nelson


  • G. Nelson

    And as you know…if your pants aren’t made of fabric was woven on an air-jet dobby loom… then you have crappy pants.

  • Nick G.

    Guys, I would not lead you astray, even with a pair of pants that cost $218. These can serve as your denim, your chinos, your suit pants, your pajamas, your swim trucks, your sex trou (they have button fly, duh,) etc. The list is endless.

    In all honestly, these are super versatile. Incredible fit in every facet of the word with the perfect taper. Very worth the $$. I will take pics and post them for all of you to marvel at if you’re ever so inclined. Because I love you all like brothers.

  • Kevin

    Anyone know where the shoes are from? Quoddy?

  • Kevin

    I’m pretty sure that the shoes are Rancourt.

    I tried the pants on last week at Askov Finlayson. They were too short for my tall ass! Great pants though. Quality is A+.