Howlin’ by Morrison Four Eyes Sweaters

I bet the name of this sweater conjures up a lot of shitty elementary school memories for some of you. But even if your glasses were a constant source of ridicule back then, these Four Eyes Sweaters from Howlin’ by Morrison will have you looking and feeling great now. Made in Scotland out of shaggy, Shetland wool, they’re the perfect thing to wear when you show up unannounced at your former bully’s janitor job, kick over his fly-ridden slop bucket, and yell, “how’s this for four eyes, bitch!?!” Whew, sorry, things just got real there.

For price and purchase info, visit Unionmade.

  • Franck

    These are just gorgeous but out of my price range. Any more “frugal” alternative on this style?

  • Luis DL

    @Franck – I’ve had good luck with Charles Tyrwhit (sp) in the past – all of their sweaters are made in Italy and go for less than $100 – or at least they were the last time I ordered, last winter.

    @Nick Grant – you should be nicer to janitors, bro. They have access to information you wouldn’t even believe – besides, you should have empathy for the person whose job in life is to pick up other people’s messes.

  • Nick G.

    Luis – You’re right. That was insensitive of me. BUt that guy in elementary school was a dick, alright? If he was a yoga instructor, I’d rip the mat from under his downward facing dog, ya dig?

    • Brad

      @Nick <3

  • Luis DL

    @Nick G – lol fair enough. Working as a janitor was a good experience for me when I was younger – some countries have mandatory military service. I think this one should have mandatory service industry service. Teach everyone a little bit more about man’s inhumanity to man.