Japanese Quality Key Chains

Sometimes I feel bad about spending more time on the internet than I do with my friends and family. But then I’ll find something like these Japanese Quality Key Chains, and all of those lonely, secluded hours almost feel worth it. Almost. Anyway, there’s an eBay seller called x-kaijin-x, and they’ve got a slew of super affordable – and super great looking – Japanese-made key chains. Prices range from $5 – $35 (plus $3 shipping). Dig in.

For price and purchase info, visit x-kaijin-x’s eBay Store.

  • alex altman

    I purchased one of these from x-kaijin-x and it is great! I can echo that these are quality hooks. Great recommendation.

  • http://hotwhiskey.tumblr.com bob

    Woah, great find!

  • Allen

    I just want to comment that I had one of these “cool hooks” and they are easily lost.

    Since there is no securing mechanism they fling all about and can easily come off your belt loop.

    Buy with caution.

    That being said I did enjoy mine while I still had it.

  • Sean

    Excluding the very top picture, You can find all these and similar options @ Home Depot. Both in brass, nickel, and other finishes. The purpose of the hooks and clamps are for hooking tool bags for electritions and etc. That being said, they cost only 3-5$.