Chippewa Service Boots

A winter without boots is like a lock without a key – you don’t want to be stuck outside looking in. So make haste with a pair of cold weather stompers from Chippewa. Their Service Boot is a classic plain toe that’s made in the USA and has everything you’d expect in a heritage-style boot: brass eyelets, goodyear welt, leather-lining, and a Vibram sole. It also comes in five different leathers, including full grain Cordovan, which, amazingly, is the same price as the rest. Easy decision there.

For price and purchase info, visit Zappos.

  • Brian

    Cordovan is just the color here, there’s no reason for it to cost more.

  • Michael N.

    @Brian, On the contrary, sir.

    Full-grain, American hide Cordovan.

  • Nolan

    Those are clearly NOT SHELL CORDOVAN. They’re #8 Horween Chromexcel. You should probably let Chippewa know this but the person writing this article should know they’re not Shell Cordovan. If they were, they’d be approx $600+.

  • Engar

    Not all the cordovan is shell.

  • Mike

    Bought a pair of Chippewa a few years back before this big brand resurgence. At that point this same service boot cost all of $120 so it was a great deal. Add the words ‘heritage” or “classic” to the label and it will now cost you $250+. Ah marketing