Bemidji Woolen Mills Voyageurs Jac Coats

This might sound ridiculous, but I kind of feel like these Bemidji Woolen Mills Voyageurs Jac Coats should be more expensive. I mean, they’re made in the USA out of 28 oz. pure virgin wool fabrics (or 30 oz. wool-nylon fabrics), and yet, they cost well below $200. It almost doesn’t seem right. Then again, that could be because I’ve become so accustomed to other brands’ jacked-up prices. Either way, these things are still a hell of a deal.

For price and purchase info, visit Bemidji Woolen Mills (scroll down).

  • Nate G

    These jackets (and all BWM products that I’ve used) are amazing. I have two that are over 10 years old, and, after many hundreds of miles on the grouse trail, they still look great transitioning from trail to town.

    Here’s to hoping BWM doesn’t go the way of some other brands that are riding the heritage wave and jacking up prices (and risking alienation of their base).


  • Bryce

    Awesome post! These prices are really reasonable and they look awesome too!