Almond Surfboards x NorthernGRADE Work Shirt

NorthernGRADE is one of the best tradeshows around because they bring in great US brands that know how to make shit well. So what happens when they collaborate with one of said brands? You get pieces like this sexy Almond Surfboards x NG Work Shirt. Equipped with corozo buttons, elbow patches and a tailored fit, the 100% cotton shirt is yet another reason to always expect the best when NortherGRADE’s involved. Grab yours for $80 while you still can.

For price and purchase info, visit NorthernGRADE.

  • CTP

    Semi-serious question: What does “tailored fit” mean?

    • Brad

      @CTP High armholes, narrow chest and waist.

  • will wehner

    No dimensions, no care.

  • Franck

    Yeah, without dimensions the sizing – and especially the “tailored fit” aspect – is kinda useless.

    • Brad

      @will @Franck You could always email Almond to get dimensions. I’m sure they’d be happy to provide them.

  • katherine this has their size guide in it.

  • Chad Cress

    @will @Franck “tailored” is basically just a sexier word for “slim” or “trim.” Our shirts just run a little skinnier than usual. The size guide is on our site as well as below.

    SMALL 10″ 20″ 21.5″ 18.5″ 30″ 7.5″ 34″
    MEDIUM 11″ 21″ 22″ 18.5″ 32″ 8″ 36″
    LARGE 11″ 22″ 23″ 20″ 33″ 9″ 36.5″
    X-LARGE 12″ 22″ 24″ 20.5″ 33.5″ 9.5″ 37″

  • will wehner

    Was that size chart there when we started this? Either way,thanks, those are fantastic shirts. Unfortunately, on my slender frame, those dimensions would better be described as bulbous.