The Friday Find: Corter New Standard Utility Belt Giveaway

It’s one thing to turn a good product into great one. But what about when the product is already great to begin with? In that case, you get the New Standard Utility Belts from Corter Leather. Redesigned using “the last 6 years of experience and field testing to offer the best value on the market today,” the belts have gone from great to damned near perfect. And now, we’re giving some away. Simply leave a comment below to become eligible to win one of the three colors. You’ve got ’til Wednesday to enter. Good luck!

For price and purchase info, visit Corter Leather.

  • Rob Griffin

    Nice belts!

  • Rick

    Awesome, I love it.
    Especially the natural colored.

  • Dan

    Oh man a natural would be amazing.

  • Adam

    I’d love the Latigo one.

  • Eugene

    Love the natural

  • Rachel

    Gonna buck the trend here and admire the brown instead.

  • Sean

    Black one.

  • john

    great belt

  • Ben

    A new belt would be fantastic

  • norm

    Thanks for holding the contest!

  • steve

    oh dang!

  • Ian

    Natural or black for me!

  • Ross

    The dark brown is lovely. Yes please!

  • Christian

    They look amazing. Natural, please!!

  • Casimir Bemski

    All of the Corter stuff I see online and have seen in person looks really wonderful. I definitely need to upgrade my belt situation too. It seems like the natural would be the most fun to watch patina and change with heavy wear.

  • Ben DiNapoli

    Go Dawgs

  • Joe

    Great, I found out about Corter when I bought one of their bottle hooks, and thought these belts looked nice!

  • Max

    They are beautiful. I like the natural too. But I would take any of them!

  • Jeremy

    I’ve been wanting to get one of these! Really any color

  • Michael M

    The natural belts are beautiful. All three look great.

  • John Hein

    Daddy loves leather.

  • Greg

    Beautiful belts!

  • Rxdney

    I’m wearing one right now. Hope that doesn’t ruin my chances…

  • Ryan Lafferty

    It’s been rad watching Corter develop through the years.

  • Danny

    Latigo or natural would be awesome.

  • Yo Chi

    I’ve had a natural one for a few years now and it’s awesome.

  • Steve

    looks nice

  • Josh

    Love Corter Leather!

  • jason


  • Joe Brown


  • Graham Fischer

    Those are beautiful, especially the natural!

  • Brad

    All Natural!

  • Jay

    They look good but I never owned a belt from these guys before. I wonder how they stack up against Orion Leather Belts?

  • Mark D. Mulholland

    Would love to win one.

  • mjking

    Hello. I enjoy the site. Thank you for it.

  • Kyle

    Yes please!

  • Robert Weiss

    Very sharp indeed!

  • John

    Hook me up! :)

  • Jonathan Lee

    I would be happy with any of the three :)

    Happy Friday, everyone!

  • Phillip

    Nice! The site’s introduced me to a wealth of great brands – looks like another worthy addition; brown or black would be most welcome.

  • notharold

    english bridle!

  • Wes

    Gorgeous belts!

  • Jim

    Very nice, particularly the black.

  • Spencer

    i have the natural one. super thick and high quality. i could use a Latigo one.

  • dxr


  • Amos Kwon

    As they say, belts are the new ties.

  • Jose L.

    In dire need of a good belt. Save me!

  • Peter Andreasen

    These are delightful belts.

  • Joe

    That latigo is gorgeous.

  • Jason

    Needing a new black belt

  • Kevin

    Nice belt

  • Philip

    I need one of those to keeps my pants up.

  • Joshua

    Black looks fantastic!

  • Sean

    these are awesome!

  • Nate

    amazing belts!

  • Jared

    Awesome Belts, need a new one!

  • Alex

    You have my attention.

  • Drew

    Great belts!

  • Greg

    Wouldnt mind adding the cognac color to my collection.

  • CB

    These look great

  • Isa Dolan

    Hella need a new belt.

  • Brian

    I could really use a new black belt!

  • Nick Bouquet

    I’ve had the natural one for a couple of years now and it is showing great age. Corter always delivers on high quality goods, I like the brown too…

  • Kyle

    Sharp belts

  • w.

    this would be much better than a shoelace as a belt that I’m using now…

  • Ernie

    Corter FTW!

  • Ian

    Looks nice!

  • soup

    I first heard of this brand at Northern Grade last year and I quickly put a new belt from them on my list of things I should own – maybe now will be my chance!

  • Pedro

    The latigo is a smart looking belt.

  • Judson Meherg

    I’ll take a natural one, rub some good old leather oil on it to give it some more depth and BAM I have a new daily belt…. Or the latigo would work. I’m not picky!

  • Chris

    gotta love corter leather!

  • http://n/a Mike

    Great site. Great belts.

  • jake

    Good way to move your belt game up to an A game.

  • David Han


  • kp

    Would love a natural!

  • Craig

    Love Corter! Have several of his products. This would be an awesome addition!

  • Jake

    Lovely belts.

  • Neil Armstrong

    Beautiful belts…

  • Casey

    Very sharp!

  • Aaron

    I’ll take the natural color one!

  • Hikaru

    love Corters stuff. Very nice workmanship

  • Josh

    really nice

  • Michael I.

    I always regretted not getting my Tanner belt in natural — at the time i didn’t realize how it would darken and patina with age. Would love a second chance (and a second belt)!

  • Michael B

    Very nice belt indeed!

  • John

    Fingers crossed – they look great!

  • Maureen

    These are reasonably priced too! Awesome.

  • Michael

    I’d love a brown one!

  • Adam

    Those look great, and I need a new belt!

  • Nick N.

    Natural, all the way.

  • Philippe

    Yummy. I want to taste.

  • David Galloway

    Cheers! Great contest.

  • Sivaswami

    Nice belt!

  • Seth

    Ahhh yeahh

  • Goodwin

    Always wanted something from Corter! Natural leather looks amazing!!

  • Hey19

    Im wearing one of their belts now, that I have had for a few years, and its great.

  • Hello

    Love their belts

  • nathan

    Hoping for that latigo belt!

  • Devan Prithipaul

    Looks so boss!


    Natural, vegetable tanned leather always shows the best wear, in my opinion…

    Very nice products!


  • Matthew Petretti

    Sweet Belts!

  • jin

    I need a new belt please … my old one is in shreads and is barely holding my pants up

  • Nick

    Hey they even recommend the right way to size a damn belt on their website!

  • Robert

    Dat natural post patina.

  • Daryl


  • Ben Dorrington

    Ohhhh yeah would love a quality new belt!

  • Jonathan

    Really like their Bottle Hook.

  • David

    Natural please!

  • juanderlust

    Great looking belts!

  • Young Lee

    corter is the best

  • Ryan Ambs

    Great stuff

  • Cory

    Awesome! I’ve been eyeing the natural leather belt. It would be fortuitous to win one.

  • Thomas

    Nice simple belts, they look great.

  • Cort

    Love them all!

  • Terrance

    choose me

  • Jim B

    Pick me!

  • Quin

    lovely belts.

  • Raun


  • Kevin S

    I like belt.

  • Christopher B.

    Beautiful belts!!

  • Rick

    They look great!

  • David

    Corter makes great stuff.

  • David Young

    I’d love a black one :)

  • John

    The oxblood color. Damn.

  • Ben

    The oxblood looks good.

  • Michele

    These belts are fantastic.

  • Jason

    Natural color is on point

  • Chris

    Great looking belts!

  • Rob


  • Dan

    Super nice

  • Jacob

    I vant vone

  • Rick

    Holy comments, Batman!

  • Chris

    Those belts are the muthalickin’ boots!

  • Jon

    These are great!

  • Joi

    Love Corter Leather. I have. Couple wallets and coasters. I’m always looking for another leather belt. They look great.

  • Chalise

    oxblood all the way. plus its an easy belt to undo when i need to get to… well… his business ; )

  • Collin

    Natural looks incredible

  • Thatcher

    will happily wear one everyday.

  • Greg

    Natural belt looks nice.

  • Albert

    I love Corter’s belt!

  • Ben

    Natural. Please!

  • Leon

    I have seen Corter at the last Northern Grade Pop-up. Hope to see them again this month at Chicago.

  • Chris

    I would love a natural or latigo.

  • Alex

    Eric of Corter leather makes some awesome gear!

  • Sam

    Well how about this. Great stuff!

  • David

    Had my eye on a Corter belt for ages, would love to get my hands on a natural.

  • Kevin C. Smith

    The natural leather is beautiful.

  • Tristan

    Fingers crossed!

  • Matt Kowalski

    Wow, that natural one is awesome – would love one of those!

  • Nando

    They look good! Been thinking about a new belt…

  • David

    I could use a new belt.

  • Gary

    My dad could use a new belt. This one’s for him.

  • Joe

    Gorgeous. Would love one. Is it a random giveaway or should we find something witty to post?

  • Mikey

    I like my belts like I like my food and women: all natural.

  • Mark

    thanks for the giveaway!

  • crimsonmays

    I fall to the ground.
    For my pants keep creeping down.
    Please help me, Well Spent.

  • Tom

    I like belts

  • Daniel J.

    Go Dodgers!

  • Andrew T.

    Those are great belts.

  • wyatt speight rhue

    what a wonderful belt and oops, my pants are falling to the ground.

  • Andrew

    These are great! Brown, please!

  • Tim

    Latigo is the way to go

  • CB

    Latigo is awesome.

  • Samuel

    I would love this.

  • Warland

    Belt me

  • Katie

    Oh wow, the natural belt would be perfect with a pair of chukkas I have of a similar color. Was just thinking today I could use a belt that would match them. (No joke!)

  • GLEN

    I really enjoy high quality American products and these belts are a prime example. Way to go Corter.

  • Ryo


  • Corey

    I lost over 60lbs and have resorted to drilling holes in my old belts. I need this.

  • Shane

    Beautiful belts, I’d love to win one of these.

  • tyler

    Perfect belts

  • gary

    would love the black!

  • John

    Corter makes awesome belts

  • Vincent

    Meow :3

  • Nick R

    All of them look great, especially the natural one.

  • Gianfranco

    Nice belt.

  • Corey K.

    Solid belt!

  • Raymond

    Winning one of these would make 2013 a thousand times better

  • Jack Hu


  • Bryan

    Now that’s a belt

  • Thomas

    I would put some crazy patina on that natural belt. Pick Me!

  • Harris

    I have to admit–these are closing in on the platonic ideal of “belt”

  • Jonathan D

    One in natural please.

  • Dara


  • Eric

    Minimalist. Solid.

  • g tosh.

    i like belts.

  • Corey

    That dark brown is calling my name!

  • Sanders

    Yeah I’m gonna go with the brown one!

  • Jack

    Wonder if there are shots of the belt after being worn in

  • Phil S

    Beautiful belts!

  • Taylor

    Would love to make one of these beauties mine!!

  • Marco M

    Great set of belts.

  • Will


  • Germain Alas

    I do need another belt.

  • Dylan

    Really need a new belt.

  • Deba

    Comment for the win

  • Kevin

    Nice looking belts!

  • Alexander Herrera

    Hope I have a good shot!

  • Iain Beattie

    I’m catching on late but a size 34 in latigo looks very smart

  • Naresh

    Any of those look legit esp latigo

  • wakawaka

    I’m here for the natural.

  • matty tan

    brass fittings look gorgeous on that natural belt!

  • Tyler Goulding

    I need a nice belt.

  • Jamie

    Natural looks amazing.

  • Roy

    Count me in!

  • RS

    I like the natural.

  • Ignat

    Well spent!

  • Farhan

    Never heard of them before but those prices are very reasonable.

  • Terry

    Game, Blouses.

  • Christopher

    A brown one would be awesome!

  • Wise

    That cherry red belt looks amazing. I’m game

  • Mike

    My favorite site, especially on Fridays.

  • Gus

    Mmm, daddy likes. Been wanting a Corter belt for ages.

  • Larry

    I love the natural

  • Scotty WC

    The black belt would be ideal for me right now. *crosses fingers*

  • C. McDonald

    I would love the natural color!

  • Chris Toutain

    Some incredible looking belts!

  • Tim M


  • Abear

    The only time ill comment since everything else posted isnt free or too expensive

  • Jack H

    That brown one looks dope.

  • andy

    perfect belt

  • James R

    I really like the black belt because of its versatility and class!

  • Nick

    Finally, something to keep my pants on.

  • Max

    Those leathers belts just age so well

  • Kirk


  • Colin

    Impressive! I’m sure the natural would patina beautifully.

  • John M


  • Yin

    The natural is nice, but the oxblood is gorgeous.

  • Ben

    Pick Me!

  • okan

    I currently use a piece of extension cord, so this could be a step up.

  • paul

    So much want

  • Dulcie

    Good stuff. Would love that dark brown one for my husband. Classic.

  • Mike M

    Good looking belts!

  • Skyler

    Love any of them

  • Sean

    I NEED one of those!

  • Andy

    Solid. I’ve got their card case, would love to try the belt.

  • Travis

    Nice belts…

  • Shaun

    Nice, been wanting a natural belt!

  • Randall


  • Devinder Kumar

    Dang, no seams even? That’s a damn fine belt!

  • David


  • Andrew

    Belts of leatherrrr!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    Need a belt!

  • Eli

    Nice leather work!

  • J

    Belt me.

  • Jayson Ahn

    Oh mama… everybody could use s nice belt.

  • Yun Y

    Amazing belts!

  • George

    Got to go with the natural. Nice.

  • Swami

    Collect ‘em all.

  • Brad

    Thanks for commenting everyone. According to our winners are RIck with comment #120, Corey K. with comment #176 and Brad (no relation) with comment #32. Thanks again!


  • Winston

    Been looking to get one

  • Willmer

    Fine lookin’ belts.

  • Hannah

    Ive been looking at these belts for months! I have been wanting to get one for my dad, Christmas is just around the corner!!