The Friday Find: Surplus M65 Field Jackets

These Surplus M65 Field Jackets aren’t actually on sale. But, they’re still a hell of a deal, and I came across them randomly enough to feel justified calling them a “Find,” so here we are. They’re made in the USA. They’re real mil-spec. They’re in unworn condition. They come in six colors. And, they cost $70 a pop (half the cost of a new, non-US made M65). A couple of the size / color combos are imported, so make sure to check the product listings.

For price and purchase info, visit Army Navy Sales.

  • Rick

    That navy is pretty tempting.

  • Dan D

    This Leather Jacket from Golden Bear is pretty tempting too…

  • jason

    nice find!

  • Dara

    Huckberry have these from alpha industries, 30 bucks more than this find, but they have some important sizing info.

  • Jon R

    Promo code LHACK takes another 10% off

    • Brad

      @jonr nice one!