Chester Wallace Small Format Bags

These US-made Small Format Bags from Chester Wallace are almost too nice for their own good. I mean, think about it: where do you normally keep your toiletry bag? In your luggage, or in the hotel bathroom – nowhere that you can really show it off. Which sucks, since these are the kind of bags you’re really gonna want people to see. Then again, maybe that’s why they come with an adjustable nylon strap – so you can wear ‘em out, and flaunt ‘em like they deserve. That’s very clever Chester, very clever.

For price and purchase info, visit Chester Wallace.

  • The Lodge

    These Chester Wallace bags are great bags. They’re popular here at The Lodge.
    The small format is cool as a dopp kit. With the strap, we’ve had customers also use it as a camera bag.
    Very cool and made in Oregon.