Crate McKennon Shirts

Recently, I almost accepted a full-time, work from home writing gig. But then I thought, “well shit, what would I be getting dressed for in the morning?” Seriously though, where’s the fun in owning great pieces like these McKennon Shirts from Crate, if no one’s going to see them? Coming in 100% cotton chambray and herringbone, the US-made toppers go with practically anything. Except, my Ninja Turtle pajama bottoms. Fortunately, at only $78 a pop, I can still pick one up, even though I passed on the job.

For price and purchase info, visit Stag.

  • John

    Hi Nick, I don’t know who you are or what your situation is in life. I just wanted to say that as a person working an 8-6 office job of mind-numbing tedium only to go home and work an additional four hours on my own editing business and freelance writing, the idea of you passing on a “full time work from home writing job” makes me want to straight up punch you in the face.

    It’s nothing personal, and I assure you I don’t actually mean you harm. But seriously, someone offered you a ride on a unicorn (full time work from home WRITING job) and you said “pass.”

    In the future, please keep your “someone was willing to pay me to write lol” problems to yourself.

  • Nick G.

    Hi John, I think you should’ve stopped at “I don’t know who you are or what your situation is in life” and thought, “yep, let’s go ahead and end that thought right there.” In actuality, this line came out wrong as I thought about taking up freelance writing as a full-time gig. The position was there, but I would’ve had to find other side gigs to sustain some semblance of a living.

    I do the exact same thing as you; 8-5, go home and chill with my wife and 5-month old son, then crank out some writing for a few hours. This full-time freelance opportunity wouldn’t have afforded that same structure or income. I prefer it this way. You see how I said that? PREFER. That means that’s the way I like it, not letting people on the internet dictate what’s right or wrong based on two sentences.

    So, in the future, please keep your first world “I have two well-paying jobs when others are pining for ANYTHING” problems to yourself.

  • Kevin

    I used to have a cushy real estate job that I was always was well-dressed for. Since I stopped doing that my style has been laggin’. Good choice on keeping the job, I certainly miss lookin’ good all the time. Not that I need a job like that to look good but it’s certainly motivating.