Bluer Denim Jeans

It’s almost as though the founders of Bluer Denim made a list of every positive trend currently happening in menswear, and then crammed all those things together to form a new brand. Their jeans are cut and sewn in the USA out of Cone Mills selvedge denim. The other materials and components are US-made as well. All of the washing and treatment processes are eco-friendly. The label employs a one-for-one model to give free pants to those in need. And, here’s the real kicker, their jeans are sold customer-direct, so prices start at $98 a pop. Add to that a free home try-on of up three pairs at a time, and I’m officially sold.

For price and purchase info, visit Bluer Denim.

  • Matthew Pike

    That sounds like a bloody good service

  • Andrew B

    How durable are these?

  • Jordan Fox

    I just got my pair of Bluer jeans in the mail from the kickstarter thing they did. They are AMAZING. More than I could have hoped for. So so good.

  • daniel barton

    Jordan, you just got a mention on Bluer’s facebook page.