What We Read This Week

This week, I spoke with CNN about the growing demand for ethically made goods. Ethical fashion: The story behind the label

The most SMH inducing Tumblr of all time. Selfies at Serious Places

Everything that’s wrong with the current state of internet “journalism,” via The Onion. The Onion: Let Me Explain Why Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance Was Our Top Story This Morning

And finally, the top three search terms on Pornhub by state. Spoiler: America likes MILFS. Pornhub’s US Average Site Visit Duration and Top 3 Search Terms by State

Sometimes I like to DIY old shit into new shit. Need Supply: The DIY Man

This was a toughie, but these are literally set-in-stone-like-the-commandments: the 50 Best Stores in the World. Complex: The 50 Best Stores in the World

No link, but I would like to congratulate my good, good friend and ex-co-worker Jian DeLeon on his new job at GQ as the online editor. Everyone join me in wishing him luck. [Ed note: Seconded. Congrats Jian!]

Take a trip to Hashima Island, an uninhabited stretch off the South West coast of Japan – once an active and densely populated coal mining facility. Hashima Island

Here are some fun illustrations of words that don’t have English equivalents. Flavorwire: Clever Illustrations of Necessary Words With No English Translations

Twitter was invented for one reason and one reason only: so that Diane Keaton can spread her unique brand of pleasantness to the masses. Paper Mag: If You’re Not Following Diane Keaton on Twitter, You’re Really Missing Out

A collection of rare shots of Ernest Hemingway from family scrapbooks only continue to prove that behind his eccentric exterior Papa was one stylish bloke. NY Post: Rare photos of Ernest Hemingway from his recently released family scrapbooks

All politics aside, everyone should read this concise yet profound piece on Syria by George Packer. The New Yorker: Two Minds on Syria

The New York Times rounds up some of Portland, ME’s most memorable dining spots. The New York Times: Portland, ME.: Locavore in Menu and Decor

Boston Magazine interviewed me for their fashion and style blog. Boston Magazine: Q&A: N’East Style’s Christine Mitchell

The iconic style of Yvonne Chouinard. Huckberry: Iconic Style: Yvon Chouinard in Yosemite