What We Read This Week

Mutton-guns, hammer-handles and gigglesticks – seven centuries worth of euphemisms for male genitalia. Timeglider: The PENIS (Eight centuries worth of female genitalia euphemisms here: Timeglider: The VAGINA)

Feeling depressed? It’s Facebook’s fault. NPR: Facebook Makes Us Sadder And Less Satisfied, Study Finds

A gorgeous collection of colorized black and white photos. Twisted Sifter: 20 Historic Black and White Photos Colorized

And finally, the New York Times reports on a baby suffering from spontaneous human combustion. I repeat, spontaneous human combustion. New York Times: Doctors Suspect Rare Disease Might Have Afflicted Indian Child

R.I.P. your style from 2000-2012 thanks to Jian DeLeon and Simon Jones, you goddamn hypebeasts. Complex: The Evolution of the Hypebeast: An Illustrated Guide

IRL trolling at it’s best. How this guy hasn’t gotten the shit beat out of him yet is beyond me (though it gets preeeeetty close in this clip). YouTube: EPIC TROLLING MONTAGE!!

Former pop superstar Brandy performing at a 90,000 seat venue to only 40 people is one of the saddest things I’ve read about all year. Huff Post: Brandy’s South Africa Concert Sees Audience Of 40 In 90,000-Seat Stadium

Here’s a collection of classy vintage mugshots. The Phoblographer: Mugshots from the 1920s are Significantly Cooler Than Mugshots from Today

Get to know some famous writing instruments. Flavorwire: The Writing Tools of 20 Famous Authors

The New York Times delves into the world of SNL auditions, past cast members, and the show’s stoic overlord Lorne Michaels. New York Times: The God of ‘SNL’ Will See You Now

The new Volcano Choir album (Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Collections of Colonies of Bees) is one of the best records I’ve heard in a very long time. NPR: First Listen: Volcano Choir, ‘Repave’

A fascinating profile on French designer Isabel Marant. Wall Street Journal: The Cult of Isabel Marant

Great archive of photos from the Woodstock Music Festiaval on LIFE magazine’s website. LIFE: Peace, Love, Music and Mud: LIFE at Woodstock

Love this piece in RL Magazine about lighthouses and how they will always be relevant. Ralph Lauren: Guiding Lights

Another reason why 3-D printing is awesome: homes for hermit crabs. Printeresting: Aki Inomata