Introducing: The Well Spent Book Club

Remember books? Yeah, me neither. Just kidding. Books are great. And so is our newest newest contributor, J.D. In addition to working as an environmental consultant on issues related to sustainability and green development, he’s also one of the moderators of the endlessly informative Male Fashion Advice community on Reddit. Starting in September, J.D. will be leading monthly discussions on some must-read responsible style and manufacturing related publications. And he’s kicking things off with Ellen Ruppel Shell’s Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture.

In J.D.’s own words:

Shell, a journalist and professor at Boston University, wrangles with the costs of our “dangerous liaison with cheap” – environmental, economic, social, and more. While only some of the chapters are about clothing directly, the book should appeal to anyone interested in the history and evolution of retail, consumer psychology, pricing strategies, marketing, local craftsmanship, international politics and the environment. I know it was eye-opening for me the first time I read it, and I’ve been interested in those issues for a long time.

We’ll be reconvening here on Tuesday, September 24th to discuss. See you then.

  • CTP

    it’s ironic then, that you link us to amazon to purchase this book…

  • Hey19

    +1 to CTP

    • Brad

      @CTP @Hey19 do you guys have a preferred vendor?

  • Maureen

    yeah, telling folks to purchase this on amazon is like telling people to buy shaving cream at wal mart

  • Maureen

    Anywhere small, same focus as with clothing, right? Support local, fight the good fight, etc

  • Maureen

    But serious kudos for promoting literature here. Respeck.

  • Sarah

    Try Powell’s:

    Or Elliott Bay:

    Both good independent bookstores.