Fidelity Wool N-1 USN Deck Jacket

Yeah, I realize we’re still a long ways off from wool weather, but this N-1 USN Deck Jacket from Fidelity is worth jumping the gun over. A slimmed-down and fancied-up version of a naval staple, the jacket is made in the USA from a wool-nylon blend and features slant pockets, a zip-and-button closure, and shawl collar. Get it at Steven Alan.

For price and purchase info, visit Steven Alan.

  • Cory

    Nice-looking coat. I have a similar deck jacket from Spiewak. It’s the warmest coat I own — even warmer than my down stuff.

  • Steve

    I ordered this off your recommendation. Definitely not slim. Very boxy.

    Gotta say, this website has gone downhill lately. When was the last time ya’ll reviewed something that you have actually seen in person?

    I know you like to link a lot of stuff. But do your readers a favor and review stuff that you’ve actually touched, otherwise your website is kinda BS. Just because it’s made in the USA doesn’t mean it’s a quality product or that it fits well.

    • Brad

      @Steve – I own one Fidelity jacket and have tried on a half dozen more over the last couple of years. Consistently, they’ve run very, very small (literally two whole sizes smaller than everyone else). If, this season, they’ve suddenly changed their measurements, then that’s news to me. I’m sorry if you don’t like the fit the of your jacket, but I’m sure you can exchange it for another size.

      As for your accusation about covering pieces we don’t really know anything about, I can honestly say that 95% of what’s featured on this site is from brands that myself and / or the other writers either a) own pieces from, or b) have at least tried on. Of course, we do occasionally cover products we’ve just seen online, and not in person, but if that’s the case, it’s usually because the brand is still too new / small to have stockists near us. And, personally, I’d rather my throw my support behind a small US-made startup, then deprive them of coverage for not being readily available.

      Lastly, my definition of slim, might not be the same as yours. Between differences in body type, and personal fit preferences, “slim” is a pretty relative thing. Fortunately, that’s why most websites have size guides. Next time you order something online, I would recommend checking the measurements first, just to be sure that the item meets your standards.

  • Steve

    Sorry Brad. I guess you are right about most of those points.
    However, I just feel that I liked this site better when you posted your own photos and fit pics of items instead of just the stock photos from the product pages.
    Just my 2 cents. My apologies about the other comments. They were stupid on my part.