What We Read This Week

Charlie Brown comics + Smith’s lyrics = the best Tumblr I’ve seen in a very long time. This Charming Charlie

Photographer Anthony S. Karen provides an intimate glimpse into some of America’s most notorious subcultures. Really great stuff here. Anthony S. Karen

An excellent – and in depth – article by the NYT about WS favorites Pointer Brand. New York Times: Tennessee Clothing Factory Keeps Up the Old Ways

And finally, a new website that aggregates the lowest rated videos on YouTube. Get ready to loose a few hours. BoooTube

I watched “The Place Beyond the Pines” this past weekend and I am now obsessed with the score. I write about why on Need Supply’s blog. Need Supply: A Score to Remember

Scott Schuman is the new Million Dollar Man, and that should impress you. Racked: Holy Heck: The Sartorialist Blog Rakes in a ‘Seven Figure’ Sum

If this happened to me at my barbershop, believe that someone would be going to the hospital (and that my barber would never be seeing my $20 again for his reaction). Vine: Smack Cam

Today in “I’ll never be able to afford any of this,” an online database/catalogue of the work of Dieter Rams. Hat tip to Fast Company. das programm

Mmmm, vintage typography. Type Hunting

Hippies, politics and the Jefferson Airplane et. al. Hendrik Hertzberg recalls his time as a cub reporter for Newsweek in 1960s San Francisco. Great read. The New Yorker: Newsweek’s Glory Days (Mine, Too)

In one relatively short Tumblr post (well, not for Tumblr I suppose) Voxsart sums up modern menswear covering everything from the discarding of the necktie, to casual friday, to Grown Man Style, to the selfie. Voxsartoria: Down With The Tyranny Of The Necktie

My favorite skate site, Quartersnacks, talked with skater/photographer/videographer Ian Reid about some of his photos, leading to a fascinating conversation that shows how skateboarding has evolved over the years, especially in NY. Quartersnacks: The Ian Reid Archive — Volume 1

Yes, I’m linking to a damn Instagram video, but between the “three different kinds of stripes,” Mordechai’s voiceover, and the fact that it’s Randall Poster I couldn’t pass this up. Instagram: mistermort

Someone mocked-up posters for all the “movies” in Seinfield. Next Movie: Imagining the ‘Seinfeld’ Movie Posters

Get ready for a cuteness-induced heart attack. Mashable: Baby Panda Reunion With Mom Is Cutest Thing on Internet Today

The best maple syrup isn’t just VT syrup, it’s Bobo’s Mountain Sugar. 10engines: 10E2225: Bobo’s Mountain Sugar | Wood-fired Maple Syrup From Vermont