Pointer Skinny Jeans

It’s great that Pointer is finally offering some slimmer bottoms, I just wish they weren’t calling them “Skinny” Jeans, since they’re not actually skinny, they’re just well fitting. They’re also made in the USA from American materials, and only cost $89 a pop. Really, they should call them the “Fits Like Jeans Should” jeans, or the “Damn Good Deal” jeans. Okay, those are terrible names. But you get my point.

For price and purchase info, visit Pointer.

  • http://northofsoutheast.wordpress.com Rick

    I’m all about the duck ones. I live within driving distance of their factory so I’ve been considering a “try on” trip. It seems like they are cool with folks stopping in.

  • Grant Nelson

    Wow. Their prices went up.

  • http://pointerbrand.com Pointer Brand

    Thank you so much!

    Rick, come on down! 15% off when you order at the factory.

  • James

    Well, sadly, I wouldn’t call these skinny, slim, or anything in between. They’re very daddish, especially from the knees down. The butt has that weird pocket hang. Well made, absolutely, like everything pointer does, but they missed the mark on the fit.

  • http://keishie.com Keishie

    Been looking at these for a while now, but have always been hesitant. I would love to see these pants on a model before I make the jump.