What We Read This Week

A cheat-sheet for designing hipster (or heritage brand) logos. This could not be more dead-on. The Hipster Logo Design Guide

The name alone of this new Tumblr should be enough reason to get you to click. White People (Also) Named Rick Ross

Ever wonder how much caffeine is in your favorite corporate coffee chain’s coffee? Thrillist finds out. Thrillist: How much caffeine is actually in your coffee, from Dunkin’ to Starbucks

And lastly, your lack of sleep is making you fat. New York Times: How Sleep Loss Adds to Weight Gain

I am guest blogging for one of my favorite shops, Need Supply, and this week I discussed the vastly debated topic of skateboards being treated as pieces of art. Slap in the face to the skateboard culture, or a nod to its importance? Need Supply: Skateboards as Art

I know, two shameless self-promotions at the same damn time? The nerve. But, the article I wrote this week for Complex about the time I dunked on Gilbert Arenas and then sharted on myself got picked up by Deadspin. Deadspin: When a story is headlined “The Time I Dunked on Gilbert Arenas and Sharted My Shorts,” it doesn’t need anything else to sell it.

What’s happening every second on the internet. One Second

Here’s a very scientific explanation of why it’s sometimes hard to lift a wet glass from a table. Discover Magazine: Chemists explain why it’s so hard to lift a wet glass from a table.

This track by Tobias Jesso Jr. is pretty much all I’ve listened to this week. Gorilla vs. Bear: tobias jesso jr – just a dream

It looks like the Snapchat story is bound to become the next Social Network. Only way frattier. Gawker: How To Screw a Friend Out of an $800 Million Idea

And as a shameless plug this week, my friends, Kyle, Jeff, and I interviewed Lawrence Schlossman of Four-Pins fame for our podcast. SoundCloud: Menswear House Episode Seven – Lawrence Schlossman

A compelling New York Times piece on the traumas of, well, being alive. New York Times: The Trauma of Being Alive

Not really a read item, but I finally set up an Etsy shop. The Whole Larder Love poster I designed is currently up for grabs, and more things are on the way. N’East Style: The N’East Shop

Nothing to see here. Just a cat… Wearing a shark costume… Riding around on a robotic vacuum. The Poke: Nothing to see here > Just a cat dressed as a shark, riding a robotic vacuum cleaner