What We Read This Week

Cops: just as narcissistic as the rest of us. Cop Selfies

Wish you could show all those people from your past how not awkward you’ve become? There’s a Tumblr for that. Awkward Years Project

One reporter’s harrowing tale of trying to go un-surveilled for a single day. New York Magazine: The Surveillance-Free Day

And lastly, Harry Belafonte was (and is) a very stylish man. Get Kempt: Kempt Icon: Harry Belafonte

“Johnny Manziel is a drunk.” Bold words by Deadspin after ESPN aired a story on the budding college sophomore, and last year’s Heisman Trophy winner. Is the 20 year old just being a college kid, or does he really need help? Deadspin: The Trouble With ESPN’s Big Johnny Football Story

From leather to colored bandanas, I explored the most controversial trends of the past 20 years on Complex. Complex: The 20 Most Controversial Men’s Style Trends of the Past 20 Years

That Game of Thrones marathon can wait. It’s summer and you should be outside. For inspiration, I rounded up my fav brands with Instagram accounts that make the outdoors look real good. Nothing Major: 10 Brands on Instagram That’ll Get You Outdoors This Summer

You like Swiss typography, right? Well, I may or may have not spent hours this week on the TM Research Archive website looking through archival cover designs and reading interviews from the Typograische Monatsblätter journal. TM Research Archive:

Mikael Kennedy’s Wolverine Traveller series is nothing short of outdoor porn. Wolverine: Wolverine Traveler: Chapter 4

Reason number one million to love Engineered Garments. Vimeo: Not Designed But Engineered

And a great Glenn O’Brien interview to round out the week. Four Pins: Glenn O’Brien On #Menswear, Personal Style, Haters And More

Tretorn gave me and my fiance tickets to the Newport Folk Festival this past weekend. I hadn’t been in years, and it was such an incredible experience. N’East Style: Newport Folk Festival 2013

This story is one of the many reasons why I am obsessed with orangutans. National Geographic: Survival Guide: Orangutan to the Rescue

New monochromatic LEGO kits let adults become mastermind architects. Design Taxi: New Monochromatic LEGO Kit Lets You Create Your Own Architectural Masterpieces