What We Read This Week

Apparently, Jerry Seinfeld launched his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee web series last year. But, I just found out about it this week, so here’s the link (PS, it’s HILARIOUS). Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

It’s official: Dad Jeans are making a comeback, at least according to the New York Times, and the handful of bloggers they quoted on the subject. New York Times: ‘Dad Jeans’ Are Making a Comeback

Feeling guilty about not seeing your parents enough? This will make you feel even worse. Slate: Find Out How Many Times You’ll See Your Parents Before They Die

Sometimes I get the opportunity to talk to some incredible people. And sometimes they tell me what inspired them to do what they do: design the shit out of some clothes. Complex: Ask the Designer: Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

One of my favorite brands, Brooklyn We Go Hard, just released their fall/winter 2013 lookbook, and it is magnificent. Too bad it was shot at the former cottage of pedophile / disgraced television star Jimmy Saville. Daily Record: Outrage after fashion label use Jimmy Savile’s Glencoe cottage for shoot

I seriously can’t get over how awesome these socks are from “Cool Socks, Bruh.” Combining the perfect pair of basketball socks (Nike Elites) with awesome printed designs, they’re like artwork for your feet. Cool Sucks, Bruh

The NYT isn’t the only major publication with something to say about “trends” this week. The WSJ has opinions too, y’know. This guy is totally pissed at #menswear, and wants you and your bare hipster ankles to know about it. Wall Street Journal: Succumbing to the Tyranny of #menswear

Happy to be moving the #MadeintheUSA conversation away from clothing for a second. The Verge: Made in America 2.0: behind Google and Apple’s sudden patriotism

Rachel Seville concludes that man shall selfie no more. Four Pins: Can Men Take Selfies?

Once thought to be lost to history, Kanye West’s HBO pilot has been rediscovered, and, apparently, it’s insane. Gawker: I Saw the Full Kanye HBO Pilot and It Is Incredible

Antonio Ciongoli of Eidos Napoli wrote a “mini manifesto” for his brand, which is definitive proof that clothes are more than just fibers and thread. tredici e lupo: The eidos of Eidos Napoli – A mini manifesto.

Adorable ginger-colored, blue-eyed seal gets shunned by his peers, and abandoned by his mum. He’s also almost completely blind. Hearts break around the world. Short List: Ginger Seal Shunned By Peers

Huckberry takes a look at the interiors of seven classic cars. Huckberry: A Car’s Interior Life

Thanks to Tretorn, I’ll be heading to the Newport Folk Festival this weekend. NPR takes a look at why this wonderful festival is so special, and stays close to so many hearts. They’re also covering the festival all weekend long, so tune in if you can’t make it. NPR: Why The Newport Folk Festival Is So Special