Folk Nugent Belt

I’m not sure which famous Nugent Folk is referencing with their UK-made Nugent belt. Could it be the formerly loin-clothed cock-rocker, now bow-hunting right-winger Ted Nugent? Or, the late, great, Florida State football coach Tom Nugent? Or, is it one of the several dozen Nugents listed on Wikipedia that I’ve never heard of? Whatever the answer, one thing is for sure: the belt is wicked on sale at Lyonstate. So there you go.

For price and purchase info, visit Lyonstate.

  • Rutger Hauer

    ‘Right-winger,’ eh? How about ‘ugly-diseased-seditious-whoremongering-no-talent-draft-dodging-coward-fuckwad?’ But yeah, sure, ‘right winger’ works too.