What We Read This Week

The 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos is coming up, and this year’s informercial might just be the best one yet. YouTube: Weekly Freekly Weekly – Gathering of the Juggalos 2013 Infomercial

A nurse in Australia made a list of the dying’s most common regrets. The Guardian: Top five regrets of the dying

Kempt rounds-up the most stylish Frenchmen of all time. Insert unshowered joke here. Get Kempt: French Style Icons

All of our summers suck compared to these pool basketball dunking phenoms. Deadspin: Your Best Pool Basketball Dunks: Trampoline Edition

Shea Serrano has a text message convo with the NBA player I hate the most right now, Dwight Howard. Grantland: Text Messages to Dwight Howard From a Houston Resident: Brookstone, Beliebers, and Shark Tank

Only “directional childrenswear” can describe this line of clothing started by the former creative director of Rick Owens. My son only gets the finest wears. The Business of Fashion: The Spotlight | Jungera

You respect wood, don’t you? Of course you do. So, you might be happy to know that Core 77 does, too. Core 77: An Introduction To Wood Species, Part 1: Properties & Terminology

Hey, don’t judge a book by its…oh wait, nevermind. The New Yorker: The Decline and Fall of the Book Cover

The remarkable tale of the only two escalators in all of Wyoming. Gawker: There Are Only Two Escalators in the Entire State of Wyoming

Foster Huntington once again has me itching to get out of the office and into the wild with his latest post on a trip to Big Sur. A Restless Transplant. Big Sur Con Todos

Michael Williams introduces us to the Patagonia Legacy Collection, which is by far the best “heritage” collection I’ve ever seen. A Continuous Lean: Introducing the Patagonia Legacy Collection.

Chapter II of Mikael and Blaine’s Wolverine Traveller trip was published this week, as if you need more reason to wish you weren’t chained to a desk right now. The Wolverine Den: Wolverine Traveler: Chapter 2

The lovely Karen and Sara of Identical Eye posted some pieces by the amazing artist Jeremy Miranda. Identical Eye: Jeremy Miranda

Who wants to stay at a place called The Pig Hotel in Hampshire, UK? I do! Kinfolk: Hampshire, UK: The Pig Hotel