Ball and Buck Perfect Wallet Giveaway

Sure, perfection might be a relative term, but I think most of us can still agree that getting a free US-made, Red Wing leather wallet from Ball and Buck, just for leaving a comment on a website that you’re already reading, is a pretty perfect scenario. Simply leave a note below to become eligible to win one of the store’s brand new, feather-weight, super-slim Perfect Wallets in the color of your choosing. And make sure to check out the wallet’s Kickstarter page while you’re at it. You’ve got ’til Friday.

For price and purchase info, visit Ball and Buck.

  • Josef

    Nice wallet! Gimmeh!

  • Nick Hu

    That is a sexy wallet!

  • Nick

    I’ve tried to eliminate all things wallet weight in my jeans ever since I realized stains made those jeans have character…perfect timing too, a worn wallet make me happy, but a flimsy one means I need a new one.

  • QT

    I definitely need one

  • Eric F

    vegetable tanned?

  • J Park

    I’d love a black one.

  • Trevor

    Pop lock and drop it

  • Gisle Vengen

    It is the perfect wallet for me!

  • Gene A. Johnson, Jr.

    Nice, two minor comments: It would be nicer with a money clip on either side and whats the deal with the man with the gun (Perhaps I’m sensitive in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial.

  • David

    Great people running a great store. I love stopping by when I’m in Boston.

  • Yo Chi

    Potential for free stuff? Hmm, I’m in.

  • Steven Bremer

    I could use a new wallet.

  • Adrian

    I’d love one!

  • Dan

    Yes, please.

  • Andrew

    Count me in for this.

  • Paul

    Over here

  • Philip

    I’m in. Looks like a good substitute for my current thick wallet.

  • Joe

    Looking good.

  • Kirk


  • Dan


  • Chris

    Nicely made!

  • Jonathan

    beautiful. me, please? :)

  • Eduard

    red maple is delicious

  • Ernie

    B&B rocks

  • Kevin


  • Raymond

    Need one of these!

  • Phillip

    Sublimely minimal: an always welcome aesthetic.


    Great Kickstarter! Nice to see some interesting content to give us the whole experience! Good luck with everything guys.


  • Brendan

    Now that’s a fine looking wallet.

  • Danny

    I would love to have one of those wallets!

  • Brandon Arnold


  • Jesse

    Love these. Great brand.

  • Jay

    EXACTLY what I’ve been needing. No more holding my cards and cash with a small binder clip.

  • Ballideep


  • Erik

    I’ll admit I wish they would have put in some cutouts to make taking cards out easier, but looks like a quality piece!

  • Henry

    Always looking to Patina…

  • Elvis Rowe

    Ahhhh I’ve been needing a new wallet! This would fit the bill nicely.

  • Clay

    ball. buck. awesome.

  • http://earfuzz Dane

    I dig the wallet.

  • victor zilberman

    Will be proud to show it off to all my friends.

  • Rene

    Nice wallet.

  • daniel

    Those are beautiful

  • Wes

    Great looking product.

  • Armand

    woozle wozzle?

  • Quin Evans

    Stamp is awesome looking

  • Joel

    This would surely beat my current, broccoli-band card-carrying solution.

  • BigFoot


  • David Dooree

    Would Love one

  • Jon C

    Great wallet!

  • Steve

    Like the Logo

  • Nick

    Very nice!

  • Ben

    Looks very simple and utilitarian. Would be a very nice wallet to have.

  • Rick

    It’s the Perfect Wallet!

  • Angelo

    Pretty killer

  • Robert Gersh

    Great wallet for front pockets

  • ted

    Can I win one of these….. please…

  • Jonathan

    Pretty please?

  • Fernando

    Even for international readers?

  • Tim Reding

    I like it!

  • Pat Hermann

    Got my Red Wing Iron Rangers from Ball & Buck! Great store on Newbury st.!

  • Andrew

    Looks great! Would love to break one in!

  • Sig Peralta

    I am in need of a slim wallet.

  • Andrew

    So glad this brand is branching out to more original work, their shirt is the best.

  • Sean

    Looks like a nice wallet! Definitely need a slim wallet for coatless days in this hot weather.

  • Rick

    Great slim option for a wallet here!

  • David

    I need something to replace my Costanza wallet.

  • Kevin

    Much obliged.

  • wesman

    these look pretty great – I’ve got a silver j-crew wallet – one of those “magic” wallets that can flip open either way via elastic straps – anyway, I cut it apart and, removed the elastic straps and inner layers of leather and sewed the two outer halves to each other so it’s super thin and holds 4 cards (5 if I cram two into one slot)

    but while I was doing all that I realized that it’s actually really thin leather glued to a cardboard backing – no one else knows, but it’s my dirty secret

    this thing here looks like a worthy replacement

  • Dan

    Yes please

  • Corey K


  • ballandbuck

    “I think most of us can still agree that getting a free US-made, Red Wing leather wallet from Ball and Buck, just for leaving a comment on a website that you’re already reading, is a pretty perfect scenario.”


  • sean

    Send it my way, i will take good care of it, please.

  • Michael Furst

    I would love to rep that wallet when I move from Boston to New York in two weeks.

  • Rowan

    This is indeed the perfect wallet; it would be a great addition to my other ball and buck apparel!

  • Trevor

    Great looking wallet!

  • Travis


  • Matt Karolian

    I’d love to put my money inside this thing.


    Awesome! Sign me up.

  • Philip

    Comment. Sign me up!

  • Patrick K

    Great-looking wallet!

  • Michael

    A handsome piece.

  • Steve H

    Nice wallet!

  • Bart

    I switched to card cases years ago and haven’t looked back. My current one is Col Littleton, but I wouldn’t mind this being my next – looks like a bit more space in it.

  • Adrian A.

    Thin and lightweight. Definitely a necessity.

  • Sonny

    A minimal wallet is always welcome.

  • Michael Tung

    My pant pockets will be grateful grapefruit.

  • Aiden T.

    I try to buy Made in USA products whenever I can, even though most of the time they are more expensive compared to the generic or imported brands. The reason is simple: To me, money spent on Made in USA products is money well spent, as I’m pretty confident that they are durable and long lasting products. If I can get this perfect wallet, I will not have to worry about getting another in more than a decade. So thank you Ball and Buck for making another great USA products!

  • Jin

    Me gusta.

  • Jax

    yes, please. :)

  • Greg

    Would be cool to win it!

  • Tristan


  • Zachary

    Great looking, functional, slim wallets. What’s not to love? I’d be quite happy with one in my pocket.

  • Alec Rosen

    I would love to have this wallet

  • Daniel

    That’s a pretty sweet wallet. Making me forget about saddleback leather…

  • tyler

    The fact that it is red wing leather>

  • Carl

    Nice and slim!

  • Harlequin

    Looking for nice gift ideas for my pops, I’m sure he’d love something like this.

  • Chris H.


  • Jay

    That wallet is all that and a bag of chips!

  • Vincent

    Very nice wallet! Love how thin that is!

  • Marco M

    Really well-made! Would not want to pass up on a free one!

  • James Therien

    I’d love to have this! Rocking a motorycle chain wallet with my boat shoes and shorts isnt that becoming.

  • Junyong Pee

    Awesome website. Must read everyday for me.

  • will

    Need to downsize my bifold…

  • Josh


  • mridula

    would be glad to win this. thank you for the chance.

  • Kyle Cattermole

    Well, just purchase one via kickstarter yesterday, and very excited. Would love a free one though!

    Thanks for everything!

  • Max

    Looks like the wallet I made myself. But mine’s a little worn down.

  • regis smith

    First place I go to, whenever I’m in Boston, is Ball and Buck. It might be time for a Ball and Buck in NYC.

  • regis smith

    want one now

  • Markwyper

    These are beauts. Even the logo is lovely.

  • Raphael

    Something still made in America. I need something when the wife and I go out that will hold a credit card, drivers license and a few dollars for incidentals. Now how do we get the xtratuf plant operational again?

  • Phil

    Balling. Bucking. Beautiful.

  • Grant Smith

    Ummm… free wallet, yes please!!
    Finally something to replace my 4 quarters and 15 sheets of paper. Yum!

  • Aaron

    Wallet. Gun. Okay.

  • Yeon Hwang

    I would love one of those wallets…

  • KPS

    Great style and size.

  • Kyle

    Good looking wallet! Perfect for keeping pocket bulk down.

  • Kyle

    Good looking wallet! Perfect for keeping pocket bulk at bay.

  • James Lenza

    count me in, thanks!

  • Jay

    Comment left for wallet!

  • Dom

    Looks good. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • JNib

    I’d like to win one!

  • Matt

    nice looking wallet!

    in it to win it!

  • Adam

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Joe

    I’ll take a natural colored one.

  • Danny

    Would be great to see one of these wing it’s way to the UK for me

  • Brian Childs

    Nobody carries wallets anymore. I mean, they went out with powdered wigs.

  • John

    Looks nice, would love one!

  • Zack

    Not bad at all.

  • Zach

    Great contest! Count me in!

  • TJ

    Thnx in advance for selecting me as the winner.

  • Ringo

    Looks like a quality product. Anyone who gets one, Kudos.

  • Tyler Goulding

    That wallet looks fantastic

  • Dylan


  • Connor

    I would probably die if I got this.

  • Jake

    I would like to own one of these wallets.

  • Spencer

    looks like an awesome wallet

  • Bianca Rogoveanu


  • michael

    I’m in! My old Il Bisonte is ready to pack it in…

  • Jon

    Count me in! Looks like a great minimalist wallet!

  • Mike Dalton

    Nice! Gotta get me one, even if I don’t win here.


  • Adam Long

    Love it! I am excited to try it and show all of my friends!

  • Joe Liang

    I want!!

  • Pacia

    Yes please.

  • Maureen


  • Antony Ohman


  • adam blumenthal

    I’d love one of these wallets.

  • Chris Walters

    My I’d and will look great in one of those wallets!

  • Mike P.

    Count me in for sure!

  • Adam C

    Having been to Ball & Buck on Newbury St., I can confidently say their stuff is some of the best in the country! I love their wallet–I hope I win!

  • Nang

    That is one bad ass logo on the wallet!

  • Kathy S

    These are very nice. Thank you!

  • Samuel

    Well… I do need a new wallet.

  • Kate L

    Ball and Buck easily has one of the best logos in the game. As an avid wingshooter, I love it!

  • Will


  • Jacob

    Me too!

  • John

    That tan!

  • John


  • Dan

    Nice wallet….

  • Jeffrey Silverstein


  • trvs

    MN PRIDE! Red Wing all day.

  • Irishcafe

    who will be the lucky one? Ball and Buck is always my fav store to visit while in town.

  • Chris Meisenzahl (@speedmaster)

    I really could use this. Thanks for the chance!

  • Luis A. Ramirez

    Nice wallet!!! You guys are awesome!!

  • Joe Cohen

    Yes Please

  • Robert W.

    Very nice! Did I mention that it was my birthday this week?

  • Schmidty

    Very nice!

  • Michael H

    current wallet is down to its last threads. want and need

  • Brad

    Thanks for entering everybody. According to the random number generator at our winner is Armand with comment number 44. Congrats Armand! We’ll be in touch shortly.

  • Adelis Arrevillagas

    This is the wallet I’ve been waiting for

  • Cameron

    Shut up and Take my money! :D

  • nick igel

    like the shooter logo/mark