What We Read This Week

In duh, no duh news: most rappers aren’t as rich as they claim they are. Bloomberg Businessweek: Jay-Z Is Right: Most Rappers Are Lying About Their Money

A lengthy interview with the designer behind Bill Cosby’s iconic sweaters. Fashionista: Bill Cosby, His Sweaters, and the Man Who Made Them

Valet sits down with the good dudes from Hickorees to talk about their new Japanese-made pocket tees. Valet: Hickoree’s on the Perfect Pocket Tee

Yeezy asked people to “Add Graffiti” to his Yeezus album poster, so GQ asked six of their favorite artists to do just that. And it turned out pretty sweet. GQ: Kanye West Gets New Creative Direction

How do you infuriate an entire sports’ fanbase? Let Justin Bieber touch your coveted championship trophy, of course! Fox Sports: Bieber touches Cup, Twitter explodes

This week I’ve been wrapped up by all the NSA news. Guardian droppin’ bombs like woah. The Guardian: Revealed: how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

If you like easter eggs, hit up Vogue UK and GQ UK and type in the Konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A). You’ll be entertained for 2 whole seconds, promise. British Vogue / British GQ

After unmasking him over a year ago, Drew Magary (one of my favorite writers who also happens to be from my hometown) finally got to interview the man behind @DadBoner, arguably one of the greatest Twitter accounts of all time. Deadspin: How I Made @DadBoner (And How @DadBoner Made Me A Better Man)

The Brown sisters rounded-up some great shots of artists and their workspaces on Identical Eye. Identical Eye: Masters’ Spaces

Esquire.com sits down with Elliot Aronow of the newly launched site/movement #Jacques. Esquire.com: Now Open: World of #Jacques by Elliot Aronow

I love Need Supply’s blog, they always put together a great variety of content. This post about Paul Newman and his longtime love Joanne Woodward is beautiful. Need Supply: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Mikael Kennedy and Blaine have published the first chapter of their Wolverine Traveler journey. The Wolverine Den: Wolverine Traveler: Chapter 1

The Daily Beast wrote a great story about good friends Terrapin Stationers and their rise to the top of the stationary world. The Daily Beast: Terrapin Stationers, the Most Badass New Stationer