Portland General Store Whiskey Beeswax Candle

Who remembers the bee scene from Candyman? How about the one from Wicker Man? Nightmarish stuff. But, bees have their good qualities too. Like making some of the best damn candle wax in the world. Portland General Store’s new Whiskey Beeswax Candle is handcrafted using a mix of essential oils and all-natural, locally sourced Maine beeswax that’ll leave your home smelling sweet without any artificial chemicals or toxins. Get buzzed.

For price and purchase info, visit Portland General Store.

  • Rick

    Man, that’s very expensive.

    You can make the same thing yourself by buying locally sourced beeswax and pouring your own candle.

    It will cost you no more than $10-15 for that size.

    Essential Oils don’t mix well with Beeswax as the wax has a natural scent that is very over-powering to natural oils.

    The natural beeswax smell is already pleasant enough!

  • Lisa

    To add to Rick’s comment:

    Yes, you could make you own :) But for those that don’t want to sit by a hot stove all day, and figure out wick size, etc, that is not always an option!

    And to clarify, you can blend essential oils with beeswax, or any wax, if you know what you’re doing, the exact temperature to add them, and using only those with very high flashpoints.

    Bottom line: we had demand for a WHISKEY candle, and being a natural line, we prefer not to use parafin, soy, or other waxes, or fragrance oils. We might not sell a lot or get rich as a candle maker; would rather produce a beautiful, natural candle that smells amazing and meets a demand for those that want it :)

    Lisa Brodar, Proprietor at PGS