Flint and Tinder All Summer Board Shorts

KAABOOM! What was that? That was Flint and Tinder’s All Summer Board Shorts blowing my mind. Not so much because they’re normal-looking shorts made from fast drying microfiber so they can double as swim trunks. Nah, I’ve seen that before. It’s the made in the USA for $70 with free shipping that’s got my brains splattered all over the wall. You know what to do, scroll down and click through.

For price and purchase info, visit Flint and Tinder.

  • http://genital-worts.tumblr.com David

    So these are basically Outlier three way shorts?

  • Yo Chi

    @David: The Outlier Three Ways have a good amount of stretch to them and deeper front pocket bags, and I found the nanosphere treatment on the Three Ways made those more water-resistant than these guys. With that said though, I still really like my Flint and Tinder shorts and wear them all the time. I wear a size 30 in both and find that these fit a tiny bit looser than the Three Ways, but not so much that I needed to size down.