What We Read This Week

Sad Desk Lunch is sad. Sad Desk Lunch

Only in Canada (I hope). National Post: Banff motorcyclist pursued by ‘massive’ grey wolf along stretch of B.C. highway, takes pictures

Mummy curses: still a thing in 2013. The Telegraph: Mystery as museum statue starts turning in display case

And lastly, here’s a bunch of g-rated cakes made with a penis-shaped cake pan. Penis Pans

I doubt you’ll find anything better on the internet this month than Jon Moy’s Pitchforkian review of the Pitchfork staff’s office style. Four Pins: Pitchfork’s Office Style: A Review

Complex put together an extremely accurate list of the 50 most stylish people in media. Apparently I was number 51 – so close. Complex: The 50 Most Stylish Men in Media


Refrigerators, martini shakers and, you know, Faraday cages. Whatev gets the job done, I guess? New York Times: Why Snowden Asked Visitors in Hong Kong to Refrigerate Their Phones

Aw man, this bummed me out. Also, yet another reminder to add ‘philistine’ to my everyday vernacular. Observatory: Lost Landmarks in New York and Fort Worth

Mark Cho of the Armoury (which, thank the menswear gods, is finally making it’s way to New York this Fall) wrote this incredibly eloquent piece explaining the thought process behind the store’s upcoming documentary on famed tailor, Antonio Liverano. The Armoury: Why We Made a Documentary About Antonio Liverano

The Daily Beast gives Rick Rubin his due with a profile on the man whose impact on modern music cannot be overstated. The Daily Beast: You Listen to this Man Everyday

A public art project sponsored by Levi’s will be hitting the rails this September with 10 stops across North America from NY to CA. Donations from the trip will be distributed by Levi’s to partner cultural organizations. The troop includes the likes of writer Dave Hickey, artist Urs Fischer, and musician by Charlotte Gainsbourg. New York Times: A Public Art Project That Will Travel by Train

An awesome article about tattoo artist Esther Garcia, founder of the Butterfat Tattoo studio in Chicago. Her work is incredible. Nothing Major: Butterfat Tattoo