Monitaly Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirts

So, these Monitaly Pocket Tees are marked down from $70 to $50 which is great. But, the store that’s selling them is in the UK, so there’s international shipping, which basically bumps the price back up to what it was pre-discount. Now, the question is, is there a way to Michigan Deposit Bottle Scam the tees and still save? Sadly, I’m not mathematically savvy enough to figure that out. But if any of you are, please be sure to let me know.

For price and purchase info, visit Triads.

  • Christopher Plaskett

    Not sure how the math would work out, but there’s a service called Pass My Parcel that aims to help get goods to the US (or otherwise) from Europe more inexpensively.

  • victor

    They sell them in bloomingdales

  • Sean

    Revolver clothing 40$