Reyn Spooner Classic Pareau Shirts

Disclaimer: if you are not about having fun this summer, this shirt is not for you, because this Hawaiian-made Reyn Spooner Classic Pareau Shirt has fun literally oozing out of it (okay, not literally, but still). Not only is it made from ultra-breathable 100% island cotton, it also has a great lotus flower design to keep you cool in the other sense too. Fun folks can choose from four colors for $94. Dull people need not apply.

For price and purchase info, visit Reyn Spooner.

  • Grant Nelson

    Gotta like this one:

    It sucks that all of Reyn Spooner clothing is made in the US. Then again I wish that there was more US made clothing because it would then become the norm and “Made In the USA” wouldn’t just be a marketing tactic.

  • Mike p.

    Um, I stopped buying Reyn’s years ago when they stopped make in the U.S. their shirts are all Korea now. The only authentic Hawaiian shirt left is Kahala, which has been making in the US since 1936.

    • Brad

      @Mike p. I had a talk with the company last month. They still make a handful of shirts in Hawaii, including the one in this post.

  • Mike p.

    It’s a token amount. I live in Hawaii, they closed their factory a few years ago and laid off employees. They used to make 100% in Hawaii, also the company was sold to a California private equity company, I think they are the ones that laid the employees off. Most folks here don’t consider them a local company anymore. Sad, but clearly they did not cut their public relations budget to dupe sites like this into thinking they still make in the U.S.

  • Jeff Ogi

    Cool hula shirt with blue hibiscus and cream white background!