What We Read This Week

Burn! Flavorwire: The 30 Harshest Musician-on-Musician Insults in History

Looking to kill an hour or two? Check out this “literal meanings” map of the United States. Slate: My Kind of Town, Stink Onions

So, it turns out there’s a pyrotechnics festival in Mexico called Tultepec, and, not surprisingly, it looks insane(ly cool). HUH. Magazine: Tultepec – A Photo Series by Thomas Prior

Don’t let anyone bully you out of doing something you’re proud to be doing. These kids get it. Vimeo: Unlocking The Truth – Malcolm Brickhouse & Jarad Dawkins

I was one of the lucky few to get a sneak peek at The Windmill Club’s new indigo oxfords, when Kevin made me a custom. Now, the world gets to see it in all it’s dip-dyed glory with their story-telling F/W13 lookbook, Betrayed By Home, Far Away, which was shot by photographer Liam Goslett. The Windmill Club

Angelo Spagnolo breaks down the racial awkwardness of listening to Yeezus for Four Pins. His Corny White Dude is the perfect complement to my Token Black Guy. Four Pins: Yeezus’s Most Uncomfortable Moments

Matt Zoller Seitz wrote this fittingly poignant homage to James Gandolfini who seemed to be one of the last truly shy actors left in Hollywood. Vulture: Seitz on James Gandolfini, 1961-2013: A Great Actor, A Better Man

While there’s more Pitti Uomo coverage out there then anyone will ever, ever need to look at, Terry Ellis, Beams Japan buyer extraordinaire, actually collected some incredible shots from inside the show on his Instagram. Instagram: _terry_ellis_

And, once again, Foster Huntington has made me question what it is I’m doing with my life with his latest post on A Restless Transplant. A Restless Transplant: Alabama Hills

Kafka for kids. Too easy to adapt. The New Yorker: Kafka for Kids

And your silly Tumblr of the week. Women Laughing Alone While Eating Salad

Buddy Jeff Thrope of Cold Splinters designed a T-shirt in collaboration with other buddies Topo Designs, and it’s good. Cold Splinters: Topo x Cold Splinters

Great B-roll from the Gitman x Hill-Side collaboration shoot with James Wilson of Secret Forts. Secret Forts: B-Roll: The Hill-Side + Gitman Bros Summer Shirting.

Dying to visit the summer home of artist/sculptor Tage Andersen in Sweden. Andersen opened the ground to the public as an indoor/outdoor museum. The House That Lars Built: Gunillaberg part 3