Ratio Indian Madras Collection

Custom shirting as handsome – or affordable – as this doesn’t come along often. The new Indian Madras Collection from Ratio is made in the USA out of real, hand-loomed Indian madras, and features single-needle stitching and a two-piece yoke. The rest – from the specs to the sizing – is up to you. Tweak everything from the collar to cuff, then send your picks off with your measurements and Ratio will do it up for just $98.

For price and purchase info, visit Ratio Clothing.

  • Pbunyan

    Show me the money!!!

  • Rebecca

    After recently adding two more button downs to his large collection, a friend of mine sent me this text, “…now I have a moratorium on new clothes purchases.” I have a feeling these may cause him to suspend that self-imposed suspension! I especially like the less traditional color schemes found in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shirts.

  • Ben

    I was just looking at these, they’re pretty great. I just got a US made madras shirt from Kiel James Patrick that’s also great.