Ruell and Ray Indigo Dip Dyed T-Shirt

You aren’t truly menswear until your clothes look like you’ve swam around in a vat of indigo dye. However, that’s not something we recommend doing (seriously kids, don’t swim in dye). Instead, just get this $35, made in USA Indigo Dip Dyed T-Shirt from Ruell & Ray. It’ll give you that I-swam-in-dye look, but without all the blue skin and major health defects.

For price and purchase info, visit Art & Survival.

  • tyler

    any other place to get them? art and survival is already sold out

    • Brad

      @tyler – Shoot R&R an email. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out.

  • oldebear brown bear

    Really cool

  • Jaime

    Waiting to hear back from R&R now….

  • mrx5000

    awww, sold out. like most of the stuff you promote.

    • Brad

      @mrx5000 you’ve got to be quick

  • oldebear brown bear

    A&S is restocking them fyi. they’re doing a pre sale on them now