Aloha Sunday Sunday Chinos

Don’t let the name fool you, these Sunday Chinos from Aloha Sunday can be worn any day of the week. Woof. That was cheesy. But, in all seriousness, these are a great pair of every day pants. Made in the USA out of 100% cotton twill. Slim-yet-relaxed fit. Button fly and taped seams. And all for a very reasonable $106 per. More like Sunday Best Chinos. Ugh. More cheese. Sorry.

For price and purchase info, visit Aloha Sunday.

  • Ben

    What’s the weight on these?

  • Janvier

    These chinos looked interesting until I found out that they come in even sizes only and have two outside pockets in the rear like five pocket jeans. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Tom

    Will someone please tell Aloha Sunday what a “button down” shirt is?

  • tom


    They’re in San Diego, you’re lucky they’ve got collared shirts at all.

  • Michael

    Hey Ben,

    The weight is 8.5 oz